7 Of Nature’s Most Powerful Plants That Can Be Used for Health Purposes

While reading a book recently, I came across a statement that says ‘everything is a reaction to something that is present, and that is how the world has gotten to where it is now.’ This statement was stuck in my mind for a long time, and today when I started writing this article it was evident that the particular statement was true. With the condition of current medical expenses and side effects of modern medicine, a significant number of people are trying out the old and traditional sources of cure. This has become an escape for those who wish to take refuge from the current conditions of the health department.

‘Cure in nature’ has been a popular concept in history. A great number of religions in the world also emphasize on discovering new means of healing from nature. While this may not be the reason why significant numbers of people are turning towards plants for health purposes in the present era, it is still something that we should look into. Here listed below are seven plants that can be used for health purposes that you may not have known about.

Plants That Can Be Used for Health Purposes2


  • Marijuana

While the US has not legalized marijuana yet some states have. When we think about it or hear the word marijuana, we think about getting high. However, recent medical trials have shown that it has many medical benefits and should be legalized for medicinal purposes. While it is still in its initial stages, it has proved to be beneficial for a range of widespread medical issues ranging from epilepsy to HIV/AIDS, etc. Small amounts are also helpful for nausea, inflammation and muscle problems.

Plants That Can Be Used for Health Purposes3


  • Hemp

While people immediately have a presupposition of the plant, its medical benefits are immense and wide-ranging. It can solve problems like stretch marks, acne outbreaks, dryness, dandruff, etc. This one plant can resolve anything related to your skin.

However, one should be careful to use it according to prescription after having an allergy test. As it is not something we come in contact within everyday life, you may have a chance to have an allergic reaction.

Plants That Can Be Used for Health Purposes4

  • Lavender

When you look at lavender, all you can do is admire its fragrance and beauty. However, it has characteristics that you previously didn’t know about. It is commonly well-known because of its use in beauty products to make your skin glow and in deodorants to make sure that you smell lovely throughout the day.

One thing that you did not know about lavender is that it isn’t just related to beauty. It can be used as a cure to many psychological illnesses such as stress and insomnia. Haven’t you ever wondered why a lot of scented candles have lavender in them? Because it creates a sense of peace and calm that can put you to sleep!

The most significant medical wonder that is attributed to lavender is that it is very efficient with regard to anxiety and even insomnia. Recent medical testing has shown that it is as effective as many of the top-ranked drugs to cure anxiety. Like kratom, it is beneficial, not for replacing psychotherapy drugs but to aid them in their function. If you don’t have health insurance and aren’t mainly at a decent economic position to see a psychiatrist three times a week, lavender is a great remedy. You can use its essential oils on your skin or use a diffuser as well.

If you can’t find lavender, you can go to the Canada Kratom stores to get kratom product instead.

Plants That Can Be Used for Health Purposes5

  • Spinach

We have never taken spinach seriously when it comes to vegetables. It is something we eat because our mothers tell us that it is good for health. Here are some medical properties of spinach that you previously didn’t know. It is a rich source of multiple vitamins, zinc, iron, etc. while we have generally known that for an extended amount of time we never quite had a grasp of how important each one of this is for us.  

The nutrients that are present in spinach make your heart stronger and make sure that your nervous system works efficiently. It is good for your eyes and is a widely recommended food for those fighting with cancer. It also helps with keeping your cholesterol and blood pressure under check.

  • Oregano

Oregano seems like such an innocent herb. The moment I think about it, it reminds me of food. I was surprised to know about its medical properties. The main area that it affects is the throat. If you have a throat infection, cough, tuberculosis, this herb will surely ease your pain. Apart from throat related problems, it is also used to get rid of menstruation cramps, intestinal worms, etc.

It can be applied to the skin or ingested. If you apply it physically, it can solve a lot of skin problems such as dryness and scalp problems like dandruff and flaky scalp skin.

  • Tea tree oil

Tea tree oil has suddenly become quite famous all over the world. It is an effective cure against different kinds of bacteria, viruses and even fungal infections. These are some properties that we did not know about due to immense stress on its benefits for cosmetic purposes. While applying it directly to the skin is very beneficial. Now certain manufacturing companies are adding it as an ingredient to their toiletries.

It can cure wide-ranging problems, from hair lices to toothaches and infections to viruses’. It can also be used on pimples or even bites from mosquitoes or any other insect.

  • Aloe Vera

In the past few years, Aloe Vera has emerged as a skincare product in high demand. Not does it only get rid of scars and outbreaks, it also makes your skin smoother and helps with your skin tone. What you need to know is it can be used for various health benefits. For example, if someone gets burnt, Aloe Vera is the best first aid you can give them before you get to the hospital.

It is also administered orally for the sake of dental problems and to cater to diabetic patients.

About the Author:

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