Mistakes When Trying to Lose Belly Fat

Are you failing to see results even though you’re exercising? You are probably making these mistakes when trying to lose belly fat. Let me tell you one thing. There’s more to weight loss than eating healthy and exercising.

For your weight loss journey, every minute counts. Your sleep, fitness routine, nutrition, and stress levels count equally. Here are all the things that can go wrong with anybody’s weight loss expectations.

Mistakes When Trying to Lose Belly Fat

#1 You’re just doing cardio

how-to-lose-belly-fat-naturallyCardio is a good fat burner. Even so, it’s not enough for when you want to lose belly fat. That needs targeted and intense workouts. What is the best way to burn fat? It’s in pairing cardio and weight training for better weight loss.

Do you want to shed a few pounds while also toning? Then weight training that includes strength and resistance training is essential. In high-intensity workouts, you’re continuously moving your abdominal muscles. Such intense exercises outperform cardio in many ways.

Some women also prefer wearing the best short torso waist trainer. This helps in shaping the stomach while you focus on toning those muscles.

#2 You’re not consuming enough protein


Are you working out daily and still seeing no results? That may be because you don’t consume enough protein on a daily basis. When you think of weight loss, your nutrition is just as important as calorie restriction.

And protein in the body helps make the muscles lean. So you’ll see a good reduction in fat but not muscle. You can opt for natural sources of protein such as eggs, spinach, and chicken. Or you can add whey protein powder smoothies into your diet.

#3 You’re still consuming sugar


Sugar is one of the automatic weight loss secrets. It should come as no surprise to you that high-sugar foods cause weight gain. In recent times, moderating sugar intake has become a new trend.

Think about eliminating store-bought goodies with added sugar. Such as chewing gum, soft drinks, candy, and packaged food. When you consume healthy sugar, it’s more advantageous than harmful.

After all, you don’t want to make a harsh set forward. And completely cutting down on sugar is one of the ways to do so. If you consume less refined sugar from cereals, candies, and sauces. You give yourself a window of opportunity to consume natural sugar.

#4 You’re consuming alcohol regularly

Alcohol does a lot to your metabolism and not in a good way. It slows down your metabolism including the digestion of fats and carbohydrates. Simply put, your liver prioritizes metabolizing alcohol first. This leads to weight gain, especially in the belly region.

#5 You’re crash dieting


As much as you think you can give yourself only a few months to lose weight. Crash dieting which is to suddenly cut down on your food quantity is a bad idea. Yes, you might lose a few pounds at the start. But soon you’ll find that maintaining it is getting harder.

You need a consistent diet plan to burn fat. After all, isn’t weight loss also about maintaining your figure? So you don’t gain all that weight back!

Crash dieting slows down your metabolism. It may seem like a quick and easy fix for most of you. But it does more harm than good in the long run.

#6 You’re snacking on the wrong foods

Be it cheat day or not. Everybody loves to snack! But you might be snacking on chips. So you have no reason to complain if you aren’t losing belly fat. It is one of the worst mistakes when trying to lose belly fat.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t snack on something healthy. And you will enjoy it! Here is a list of 100 healthy snacks to eat instead of processed foods.

Conclusion – Why is it so hard to lose belly fat?

This is a common question among women. If you ask around, you’ll understand why most women want to lose weight there. Belly fat is the hardest to lose. But the best shapewear for lower belly pooch does slim it down. Consider this as a temporary, quick fix.

Women need a longer-lasting solution to become fit. So why is it that belly fat is hard to lose?

According to this report, the body contains two types of fat. This includes alpha and beta fat cells. Out of the two, alpha fat cells are easier to break down. While beta fat cells don’t respond as well as alpha.

Yes, you guessed it right! The belly, thighs, and hips have beta fat cells. While the face, arms, and legs have alpha fat cells.

Now you know why losing belly fat is harder than ever! So follow these tips to avoid making mistakes when trying to lose belly fat.

About the author:

Jennifer Kessler is always up for bringing about positive change. Her goal is to encourage women to make life more fun, adventurous, active, healthy, and all things good. Jennifer’s articles are very engaging on a more personal level. And that’s because she shares only relevant information. Be it for product recommendations, buying guides, how-tos, or tip and tricks.


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