SARMs: Aesthetics like the golden age of bodybuilding

At some point of our bodybuilding careers, we’ve all hit a plateau. You continue to work out, increase weights, reps, and sets without your body making any progress. This is the point where people resort to taking anabolic steroids. Agents like Dinabol and Deca-Durabolin enhance performance temporarily, but it damages the body and its organs in the long-run. Some of the side-effects include:

  • Enlarged organs and accumulation of visceral fat around them
  • Increased risk of cardiovascular diseases
  • Hair fall
  • Aggression and mood swings due to elevated levels of testosterone in blood

SARMs were developed keeping the above facts in mind. It is an acronym for Selective Androgen Receptor Modular. They function as a two-edged sword, building muscle mass while cutting down body-fat simultaneously. They’re affordable and come with minimal health risks, unlike anabolic steroids.

Modus operandi 

Anabolic steroids fill up the cells of the body with androgens. The negative aspect of this is that these drugs don’t discriminate between muscle and fat cells. It boosts the growth of both. This can be evident by the bubble guts exhibited by recent Mr. Olympia competitors like Ronnie Coleman, as opposed to sculpted abdominals of the likes of Serge Nubret and Frank Zane in the 70s, when steroid use was minimal.

The androgen causes the cells to multiply rapidly. SARMs acts only on muscle cells while destroying fat cells. This reduces body fat, gives the user paper thin skin and muscle separation. The three most important criteria for an aesthetic physique. The most popular SARMs on the market right now are Ligandrol, Andarine, Ostarine, Testolone and Cardarine.

Proven benefits of using SARMs:

  • It can be taken orally. Steroids need to be injected hypodermically
  • One needs to be only 21 years old to use it
  • No liver diseases, heart diseases, bone-structure loss or prostate problems
  • Builds muscle mass while simultaneously reducing body fat percentage
  • No long-term effects like reduced lifespan, unlike anabolic steroids.

Groundbreaking SARMs in the market today


What: Codenamed RAD140, it is a proven alternative to Testosterone Replacement Therapy. Testolone increases muscle mass, while enhancing the strength of muscle fibres. This leads to improved endurance and lifting strength. It is widely known as the newest and most effective SARM. Testolone is popular as a compound solution to bulking, cutting, fat reduction and stamina improvement.

Dosage: It can be taken orally once a day with a glass of water.

Side-effects: No medically proven side-effects


What: Its codename is MK-2866 and it has the same characteristics as Testolone, with the added advantage of speeding up muscle recovery after a heavy workout and reducing muscle soreness. Ostarine targets androgen receptors in cells, but unlike anabolic steroids, it does not get converted into estrogen. This makes it possible to gain lean muscle mass, lose fat and reduce lactic acid production in muscle cells. The latter is responsible for muscle fatigue.

Dosage: Taken orally twice a day in cycles of six to eight weeks.

Side-effects: No medically proven side-effects

To conclude, SARMs have been scientifically proven to be an effective and safe alternative to anabolic steroids, as can be seen by the recent spurt in their sales. Bodybuilding is going back to its basics, where beauty, form and aesthetics gain priority over uncontrolled muscle development via steroid abuse. You can join the bandwagon too. Like Socrates remarked, “No man has the right to be an amateur in the matter of physical training. It is a shame for a man to grow old without seeing the beauty and strength of which his body is capable.”