10 Tips to Beat Your Depression – Part One

If you are someone who has gone under extreme level of depression, you might find this article really useful as it will help you get rid of the depression and you will feel stronger. Here are 5 tips which will help you get motivated and be focused on your actual goals. there is another post to know about how effective its is to use lamictal for depression and anxiety

Tip #1: Find Someone and Share Your Feelings

When you are depressed, you really need to find someone with which you can talk and share your feelings. It seems easy but really difficult to express your feeling to someone else. However, you must try this as it will relieve the burden you feel on your heart. You can talk to your best friend, family member, doctor or even a therapist.

Tip #2: Try to Get Rid of Stigma

Sometimes, the depressed people get caught by stigma and feel that they are not taken seriously by the other people. However, if you respect yourself, everyone will give you respect. You must understand that you are as important as others and if you feel shame, disrespect, disgrace or inferior, nobody can do anything for you especially when you don’t have supportive surroundings.

Tip #3: Keep Yourself Busy

Being social is a great idea which will keep you busy, however, if it makes you isolated, the things will get worse and you must avoid it. However, if somebody convinces you to go to a party, you will surely get rid of your depression. You can take lunch at a luxurious restaurant or watch your favorite sports in a bar.

Tip #4: Working Out

Everybody knows that it is really effective to do regular workout as it improves confidence level and makes mood better. The problem is that you don’t want to get out of your house when you are depressed. If you find the courage to drive or walk to the gym, you will not regret it but it seems almost impossible when you have depression.

You can overcome this situation by finding personal trainer who will be waiting for you at the gym and you will have to get out of your house even if you don’t want to. It has been observed that those who get engaged in workouts while having depression, experience light level the next time, it occur.

Tip #5: Deficiency of Vitamin D

You might be lacking vitamin D and having lower level of thyroid in your body. Those who are living in the regions with lower sunlight, often have deficiency of Vitamin D. If you experience low level of vitamin D, you will notice the symptoms such as laziness, fatigue or energy loss.

In case of lower level of thyroid, you might experience the similar symptoms such as tiredness, weakness, skin dryness, cold hands, brittle nails, depression, memory loss or depression. Thought, it is easy to fulfil the deficiency of vitamin D with the help of supplementation, if you notice any of the above mentioned symptoms, you better seek a doctor’s advice who can suggest you a few tests for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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