10 Tips to Beat Your Depression – Part 2

Hopefully, you have been benefited with the 5 tips to beat your depression in the part one of this article. Now, there are 5 more tips which you can read to manage even the worse condition of depression. Those 5 tips from the last article and these 5 more tips from this article can be combined to make an effective course to get rid of depression completely and permanently.

Tip # 1: Cheat Your Cravings

When you are in depression, you often feel cravings for foods which might be good but the actual problem take place when the foods craving leads you to the junk foods. If you take antidepressants which are the drugs often used for curing major depressive disorder, it will make you eat fried snickers and donuts which can never be muscles building compatible.

The good news is that you can now use the available tools to create healthy junk foods which will not be actual junk foods but will provide you with protein rich recipes and you will get maximum benefits with it.

Tip # 2: Set Your Goals

You should also set your goals and put yourself at accountability. The goals might be short term or long term but both will be beneficial for you to beat your depression. Limit your short term target to 15 days and try to achieve your target. For example, if you have intended to add five Ibs to your incline bench, make sure you achieve your target.

If you have set a long term goal, this will surely take time as it will be all about building an impressive body physique. However, targeting and achieving small tasks will help you get more confident about you and you will find it possible to beat depression.

Tip # 3: Avoid Oversleeping

Some people believe that the taking long hours sleep can help them beating depression but this is not the case as it has been noticed that those take oversleep while depressed can make their condition worse. Therefore, they should try to take only quality sleep for few hours rather than the whole day and night.

Tip # 4: Take Sun Bath

If you sleep during the day time, you will deprive yourself from the sunlight which is very important as sunlight produces large amount of vitamin D. You can receive more vitamin D from sunlight than the food you eat. The sun exposure for twenty minutes may be equal to 10,000 IU.

Tip # 5: Know the Symptoms

There are a number of symptoms of depression which might be high or low in severity but the worst of all is to be pessimist about future. Those who experience the worst symptom of depression finds themselves unable to see a better future. They feel that their life is always the same and they don’t see anything positive. However, this is not a permanent condition and you can manage it if you try different workouts, delicious meals, family gatherings and social activities.