10 Tips on How to Stay Strong & Motivated while Building Muscles – Part 2

Continuing with our 2-part article, here are 5 more tips on how to stay strong and motivated while building muscle.

6) Remain Involved

If you are depressed, it follows that you are likely to avoid all types of company and socializing. This could be counter-productive, as it could cause you to sink further into depression and self-pity. Large doses of such behavior could send you to a specialist clinic. It’s how you handle yourself that matters. Pretending to enjoy yourself in the company of others, even if for a short span of time can sometimes be just the therapy you need. So go ahead and make the move.

7) Deal with the Cravings

It is inevitable that feelings of depression will lead to a craving for comfort foods like deep fried chicken broast, fries and toasted pita bread, donuts and pastries. It takes a lot to resist the temptation, so it is best not to stock these things in a refrigerator or where easy access is possible. Stick to high protein diets and avoid sweets and fast foods.

8) Use Sleep Wisely

There are all sorts of theories going around about how much sleep to get and what is the best ratio of sleep to working hours and exercise. Some advocate a minimum of 7-8 hours of sleep, others a little less. It depends on how hard you have worked prior to your sleep. Sleeping at the same time each day can help relax the depressive patient. It is best not to use drugs but natural remedies.

9) Benefit from the Sun

The sunlight that comes from the sun has a multitude of benefits for the human body. Vitamin D and other nutrients nourish the skin can clear the cells of surface diet. Sweating can clear the pores and make the skin fresh looking. It is a known fact that sunlight can life the spirits of depressed patients and help in their recovery. If you have sensitive skin However, don’t forget to carry and use a good sunblock or sun screen as required. Look for the SPF as an indicator of quality. Over exposure to the sun can cause headaches and feverish symptoms as well.

10) Understand the Worst Symptoms

Depression can sometimes lead to suicidal tendencies or efforts to kill oneself. Supervision is essential when this happens. The presence of a caregiver or confidante can make all the difference in the world to a depressed patient. If you are feeling really bad and the world seems dark and dreary, don’t be afraid to reach out for help at the earliest opportunity. Don’t drink or take drugs or self-medicate since these can make the situation worse rather than better. Professional assistance can really make a difference to those that often have bouts of depression. They need to be counseled as to the likely causes of their depression and this again will give the keys to their recovery.