10 Ways to Calm Your Mind and Heart So You Don’t Get Stressed

Today’s fast-paced life often makes our minds and hearts restless. Stress, anxiety and anger are often unavoidable. So, we need to take steps to calm our minds and hearts so we don’t get too stressed.

In this article, we will discuss in full how to make our minds and hearts calmer. Do the methods below by following the NLP Practitioner training guide, to get maximum results, so that your mind and heart are calmer so we don’t get stressed.

Here are easy steps to calm your mind and heart so you don’t get stressed:

1. Acknowledge Anxiety and Anger

Sometimes what makes someone stressed when they are angry or anxious is that they don’t acknowledge these negative emotions. By admitting that we feel angry, anxious, or stressed, it will actually make these negative emotions easier to overcome and make us calmer.

Calm Your Mind and Heart

2. Question Anxiety and Anger

After admitting that we are anxious, angry, or stressed, the next thing we need to do is question these negative emotions. Is it true that the thing you are worried about will happen? Is this anger rational? Have I experienced this stress before? What is the worst scenario that could happen and can we face it?

3. Changing the Focus of Thought

When negative emotions such as stress, anger and anxiety start to come and disturb our minds, we should immediately change the focus of our minds so that we don’t focus on the thing that makes us stressed, angry or anxious for a long time and can immediately find a solution to solve it.

“We can’t think well when we’re anxious or angry, we have a tendency to engage in survival thinking. This is fine as long as our lives are in danger, but if our lives are not threatened, what we need is the best thinking ability, not thinking to survive,”.

4. Imagine a calmer self

After being able to calm ourselves through the breathing techniques above, we can learn to imagine a calmer self. Close your eyes, try to keep your body as relaxed as possible, then imagine the things that previously made you stressed or anxious with a calmer mind.

5. Channel it into positive activities

Feelings of anxiety, stress and anger should not be suppressed. But also don’t make us do things that are detrimental to ourselves or others. Channel these negative emotions with positive activities. For example, physical activities such as sports or walking. Below are various activities that can be done to release anxiety, anger, and stress.

6. Get Fresh Air

If we are angry, stressed, or anxious and are indoors, for example in the office while working, it’s a good idea to take a short break and get some fresh air outside. Then practice the breathing technique explained in the first method.

Looking for fresh air outside not only helps calm the mind from breathing techniques, but also from the atmosphere and other sights we see can divert our minds from feelings of anxiety, anger and stress.

7. Eating or Chewing Gum

Negative emotions without realizing it drain a lot of our energy. There is a term ‘hangry’ or feeling hungry which ultimately makes us angry quickly. So, when we feel negative emotions, pay attention to whether we have eaten or not? If not, eat immediately. The nutritional intake that enters the body can help us think better and overcome negative emotions.

We can also try chewing gum. Peristaltic movements in the jaw from chewing can help relieve anxiety because our negative thoughts are ‘distracted’ by these movements. In fact, chewing gum is believed to improve mood and increase productivity.

8. Massage

The next way is to press points on parts of the body that can reduce stress or excessive anxiety. On our bodies there are areas or points that when pressed will reduce tension and make us relax.

We can go to a masseuse or acupuncturist, or do acupressure movements ourselves to deal with excess stress and anxiety. We can start by massaging the inside of the wrist.

9. Listening to Music

Music can have a powerful effect on listeners. When experiencing anxiety or anger or stress, it’s a good idea to listen to music that is calming or that we like. Listening to music can also be done while we do work that initially makes us stressed. Without realizing it, the work will be finished and we will enjoy doing it more.

10. Write down your anxiety and anger

One powerful way to understand our negative emotions is to write about anxiety or anger. Writing can help us release negative thoughts that are festering in our heads. After writing, we can more easily identify the cause of our anxiety or anger, so it is easier to find a solution.

So, those are 10 ways to calm your mind and heart so you don’t get stressed. So which one is your favorite? Hope it is useful.