11 Must-Have Fitness Gadgets

Gone are the days when workouts were purely a man-and-equipment routine. With the advent of technology, gadgets are now optimized to help athletes and people who want to be fit with their exercise. While smart watches and fitness trackers generally hoard the attention when it comes to fitness gear, there are a lot of other gadgets that you can choose from depending on your needs.

Fitness Gadgets

  1. Smart Scale

Fitness is most attributed to weight, and there’s no better way to start your fitness journey than by determining yours. A smart bathroom scale can help you track your weight over time. It will also calculate your body fat percentage and body mass index (BMI).

  1. Sleep Tracker

You can’t work out properly if you haven’t had enough sleep. While most smart watches have tracking capabilities, they can be distracting to wear as you sleep. A stand-alone sleep tracker is a better option, which can give you data on different metrics like REM and sleeping patterns.

  1. Electrical Muscle Stimulator

What you do after a workout is as important as how you prepare for it. In post-workout, it is usually the case that people ignore any kind of soreness or fatigue. This can lead to serious injuries if not treated properly. An electrical muscle stimulator will help with recovery by providing therapy to aching muscles and joints.

  1. Pulse Oximeter

High-intensity workouts or athletic competitions will strain your heart and lungs. For the serious athlete, keeping these two muscles in check is of utmost importance. What pulse oximeters do is that they find and track heart rate and oxygen saturation of the blood.

  1. Vibrating Fitness Roller

For professional athletes, foam rollers are a staple. They use them both for warm-ups and cooldowns. A vibrating fitness roller ups the ante of the pre- and post-workout routine, resulting in increased stamina and faster recovery for the next workout.

  1. Smart Bottle

Everything is smart now, even bottles. Staying hydrated is a must throughout your workout. Unfortunately for most people, drinking water is an easily forgettable thing to do. With smart bottles, you don’t have to worry about when to consume liquids because it does the reminding for you. Plus it calculates how much you’ve already drunk.

  1. Smart Watch

A smart watch is probably the most common fitness gadget in the market. This is no surprise. Smart watches basically pack various fitness features in one lightweight and wearable device. They have embedded sensors that can track your heartbeat, hours of sleep, number of steps, or calculate your calories.

  1. Waterproof Music Player

For some people, music is an integral part of their workout routine. Hearing your favorite artists while doing cardio or pumping weights makes the fitness journey a little more fun. However, this only works for non-hydro activities, unless, of course, you have a waterproof music player.

  1. Electric Cycling Machine

For an authentic cycling experience without the actual bike-and-road combo, go for an indoor cycling trainer. Much like the intensity, you feel when strapping in a power meter to your bicycle, a cycling machine can push your muscles depending on how you adjust and use the equipment.

  1. Weighted Jump Rope

Your typical gym jump rope does one thing and one thing only: help you improve your cardio. That’s no fun. A weighted jump rope adds another level of intensity to your workout. If you want to work on your speed, use the lighter weight. If you want to build your strength, choose the heavier ropes.

  1. Smart Blender

Contrary to popular belief, fitness isn’t just about exercise but also about diet or the kind of food you consume on a regular basis. For some people, making smoothies is an easy way to maintain a healthy and balanced diet. Smart blenders help you calculate the nutritional value of the smoothie you create. This includes sugar, calories, fat, and protein.