11 Reasons Why Fruits and Vegetables are Your Best Friend!

If animals can be very good friends with human beings, why can’t plants be? Fruits and vegetables are eaten all over the world. Their demand for eating makes every part of the world grow, export, import and sell fruits and vegetables. Immense credit should be given to the awareness programs and forums, which raised the importance of health and nutritional benefits of eating fruits and vegetables.

There are 11 reasons, which will definitely convince you to make fruits and vegetables your best friends instead of people!

  1. Fruits and vegetables come in all colors and textures. While judging a personality, which is suitable to become your best friend, you should not have to worry too much because fruits and vegetables come in every color and texture to appeal your tastes.
  2. Fruits and vegetables can get any mode you like. Whether you want your best friends to be fresh, canned, frozen, dried, cooked, juiced or steamed, you can always get them ready as per your needs.
  3. Fruits and vegetables can be your friend in need because they help you digest things better due to fiber in them. You can very well tag them as your “Friend in Need is a Friend Indeed”.
  4. You can always look hot if you have fruits and vegetables as your best friends because they are generally low on calories. So fruits and vegetables make you feel like a star!
  5. Best friends like fruits and vegetables keep you away from health disease risks, such as, heart diseases, high blood pressure and cancers. They are your ultimate life savers of all time!
  6. Besties like fruits and vegetables are full of vitamins and minerals that will always make you feel healthy and energized for fun.
  7. Even if you are bored with one of your best friends, fruits and vegetables come in a lot of variety so there is always something new to try for you!
  8. Just like people, fruits and vegetables are natural to become your best friends. They are the best treat in the world, which can never let you feel alone by becoming a quick snack.
  9. Isn’t it boring to know people as your best friends with same kind of aura? It obviously is but never mind with fruits and vegetables being your best friend. You can crunch them, squirt them, peel them and do whatever you want to do with them to get different friendship aura every time you eat them!
  10. Life is so boring when your friends do no benefit you. So fruits and vegetables definitely deserve your chance to become one because they are both nutritious and delicious!
  11. A diet that is rich in all the fruits and vegetables lowers your blood pressure, reduce risk of heart diseases and stroke. All the fruits and vegetables enable your body to stay protected from all kinds of cancers. There are numerous eyes and digestive problems, which stay away if the body is full of all kinds of fruits and vegetables nutrients. Eating all types of fruits and vegetables on regular basis enable you have a positive effect upon blood sugar that helps in checking appetite.

In order to make your habit of eating all fruits and vegetables, try implementing the rule of “trying new” when it comes to eating. While doing grocery shopping, always try to buy those fruits and vegetables that you haven’t tried. With different options, try something that you don’t remember eating for a couple of while. This will make you chose a new fruit and vegetable every time you go for buying.