11 Steps to Perform Bicycle Crunches Properly

In this article you will learn everything about bicycle crunch to perform it properly and more effectively so you can get the maximum benefits from this simple workout. This exercise is a dynamic fun and your lower body will be moving until you get tired. It is basically a variation of the oblique crunch in which both lower and upper body areas get involved in continuous movement. Read carefully to clearly understand how to perform bicycle crunches properly.

  1. This workout can be done anywhere at your home, office, park, parking lot, at the gym or backyard of your house. You don’t need to arrange any special equipment to perform this exercise.
  2. In bicycle crunch exercise you need to focus two important muscles groups which are known as transverse abdominus muscles and rectus abdominus.
  3. When you get ready and reach to the place where you want to perform these crunches, you simply need a proper floor surface so you don’t get your back or hips injured.
  4. Simply lie down with your back onto the floor or mate.
  5. Place both your hands behind your ears but don’t clutch behind head.
  6. Before you start squeezing your abdominal muscles, bring both of your legs off the ground into the air and breathe in your natural way so your muscles don’t get too much pressure on them.
  7. Bend your knees to make a 90 degree angle and then move your legs into the air like you are pedaling a bicycle.
  8. Bring your left knee close to your chest and try to touch your left knee with your right elbow but don’t touch it just try.
  9. Keep doing this for about 1 minute then take a little rest before you go for the second bicycle crunch workout.
  10. When you are doing a proper bicycle crunch technique, don’t try to rush and don’t give extra or unnecessary pressure to your muscles. Be careful while you are moving your legs and don’t give stress to the muscles in your back, head and neck.
  11. To get the full advantage of bicycle crunch form make sure that you are extending your legs as much as you can easily without hurting or damaging your muscles.