11 Tips to Perform Front Squats to Get Better Results

Front squats are believed to be great for most of the weight lifters, however, many people ignore some very important factors and that fact does not let them get the maximum benefits from front squats. Here are some very simple and effective tips to increase and improve front squats.

1) Increase the Number of Front Squats

One of the most effective ways to perform better and get even better results is to increase the number of front squat you perform in a single session.

2) Why Not Do Squat in the Beginning?

Most of the people do the squats and all the other work related to core training at the end of the training session which may be reversed for better results which means starting your session with squats.

3) Do Four Drills Known As Squat Therapy

You can also have drills such as wall squat, bar squat, goblet squat and/or pole squat and these drills are commonly known as squat therapy. You might have never experienced this kind therapy before but surely, they will be great for you.

4) Perform Mobility on Involved Body Parts

Mobility is what you actually need to do many times a week along with squatting. The mobility work should be performed on all squatting involved parts of your body such as hips, ankles, and thoracic spine.

5) Doing Squat deeper to Maximize Performance

It is always suggested to squat deeper to get the actual benefits such as maximizing the carryover, improving the muscles recruitment, activation of glutes muscles etc.

6) Squat Straight Down

When you start front squat by getting hips in the backward position, it brings the torso in forward position while the bar getting crashed down. Sits right between both of your legs while your pelvis is slightly lifted from the floor but not touching it.

7) Release the Grip On Bar

It has been observed that many people try to perform front squat but still have strong grip on bar as they don’t want to release the grip. This may be considered fine if there is more flexibility in your joints. But if you have the correct mechanics, you don’t have to have extreme grip on the bar to hold it so tightly.

8) Rack Bar Closer

When you have the bar closer, it might be a little more uncomfortable or may be difficult for you but it will provide you with better support and grip. Get the bar and jam it into closer and then you can easily move it a little bit out but it will sit right behind your front delts which is good.

9) Glute Activation

Many people start squatting without doing any drills which is not good and you must include some of the basic drills for activation of glutes before you begin doing squats.

10) Breathing Drills

This is another important factor which is often ignored and the many lifters don’t give any importance to it. However, they must understand that it is really important for them to learn how they should be breathing properly while doing exercises.

11) Hips Under The Bar

When you are ready to perform, bring your hips right under the bar and move up straight. When you do this, you will get an upright position and feel more power in your muscles to do squatting.

Watch How to Do Squats Properly:

how to do squat properly