14 Lame Reasons to Skip Workout Today

If you really want to build muscles, you must reject all the lame excuses that you often use to miss or skip your workouts and if you really wish to succeed at developing an impressive body physique, you really have to overcome such nonsense excuses so you can stick with the gym. Below you will find some of the most common excuses which drive you away from your routine workouts. You will also read their ironic responses which might help you get rid of all such stupid excuses.

14 Lame Excuses to Skip Workout

Excuse # 1

I don’t like my training routine as it seems to be tough so I would rather find a better one today.


If you think about it every day, you might never find perfect workout for you. Find the one today and stick with it until you achieve your target.

Excuse # 2

My trainer might not come to gym today so I would rather stay at home.


It does not matter if your trainer skips today, you can still follow the routine workout without his help and off course, it would be much better than skipping your workout.

Excuse # 3

I couldn’t sleep well last night and don’t feel fresh to perform exercises.


Go to the gym, have your workouts and come back to sleep rest of the day.

Excuse # 4

I got involved in sex last night and if I train today, I can’t gain mass and strength.


Do you skip your other routine tasks if you have the sex the night before?

Excuse # 5

Brrrr! It’s too cold today and there is no heater at my gym.


When you begin exercising, your body will get hot and you will not feel cold anymore.

Excuse # 6

My car needs repairing and I can’t walk to the gym.


It you walk or run, this will become the part of your workout today. If you still feel hesitated, you can call for a cab.

Excuse # 7

I can’t lose fat because of my genetics.


You can’t say it unless you try to lose fat.

Excuse # 8

I just had bath and it will not be good to get sweaty again.


It does not matter you can have bath again after you have finished your workout.

Excuse # 9

My wife is not home and I did not have coffee today.


What about making coffee yourself today?

Excuse # 10

My partner is committed to something else today and can’t help me.


Ask someone else to help you.

Excuse # 11

Oh! I forget my cell phone at home.


It is good to stay away from cell phone while exercising.

Excuse # 12

I can’t find my supplement to be used before workout.


What about those who did not even know about supplement few decades ago?

Excuse # 13

I got too busy all the day and got exhausted.


It does not matter even if you got more exhausted, you can still finish your routine workouts.

Excuse # 14

Not feeling well, let’s do it tomorrow


Tomorrow never comes what you want to do, must do today.