16 Things You Must Know Before You Do Barbell Squatting (Part 1)

1) Use Your Hips to Squat

The first thing that you must know before you do barbell squatting is the use of your hips to squat. The hips are considered to be a strong muscles group and if you use it to improve squatting, you can get a lot of benefits. You can lockout the squat while driving your hips in forward direction.

2) Squat Frequently

There is no need to fully stick with a specific body part. Most of programs developed for beginners to gain strength and muscles normally suggests 3 squat sessions per week. The only key to get maximum benefits with those sessions is to reduce the volume of squat. Off course, you would not like to damage your legs by using lots of work every day. Therefore, it is advised not to include the other workout for your legs rather than barbell squats.

3) Obsessed with ATG

Squatting is not really easy but you must not be obsessed when it is about ATG squats and you can simply begin by giving extra focus on progression. You might have seen some lifters who try to turn their squat training as a competition. However if you really want to enhance the level of intensity on your squats, you must try to focus on paused squats.

4) Set & Follow Your Goal

If you are one of those who want to get maximum muscles on their legs, you must set and follow a goal to achieve so you can get what you have been trying for. However, the minimum target should be 400 pound squat.

5) Don’t Follow Wide Stance

The beginners’ squatters often watch the videos of advanced squatters performing wide stance squats and they think this is the most effective form of squat which is not at all right. In fact, it is a squat variation which is more technical and may not be suggested to the beginners.

6) No Need to Limit Your Exercises

There is no doubt that squat is the kind of all leg exercises and they are considered to be really effective in building overall strength as well as size. However, there is no need to limit yourself with one exercise; you can still try various others such as hack squats, leg presses, front squats, etc.

7) Right Position of the Bar

Most of the people ignore to see the right position of the bar and they don’t feel it necessary to understand that the bar must be positioned over the toes center. It is often observed that the beginners move the bar a little more in forward position from the center point while going through the eccentric or concentric part of squat.

8) Issues with Knees

There might be various issues caused by squats but the most common of them are issues with your knees. Some beginning lifters might feel that they are making their knees out for squatting but in fact they are descending in uncertain manner. It is really important to take precaution to avoid injuries.

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