16 Things You Must Know Before You Do Barbell Squatting (Part 2)

This is the second part of the article titled as ‘16 Things You Must Know Before You Do Barbell Squatting’

9) Grabbing & Gripping of Bar

Most of the beginner trainers are not educated about the bar grabbing and gripping. They don’t even how important it is to keep upper back region tight which might cause serious injuries in some cases. The looseness in upper body can leads creeping up of the elbows and in the result, the squatter has to move a little lean in forward position. This little leaning can cause strain on lower back region and the lifters must try to avoid it.

10) Maximizing Results from Sets

The lifters are suggested to try as many reps as they can in a particular set and this will be really useful for them. In this way the trainer can maximize every set and surely the results will be more progressive.

11) Trying Squat Max

If you think you can gain squat strength if every week you give a try to a new squat max, you are wrong. You actually need to increase the number of reps and this is what will let you build monster squat.

12) Experienced Lifters with Improper Form

If you are a beginner, you might have an impression that every experienced weight lifter have awesome squat form but again you are wrong because there are many experienced lifters who don’t have good form thought they are squatting with huge amount of weight.

13) Having Weak Squats

It is also important that you must begin from some place and if you have just begun with squatting and have weak squats, you must not be frustrated because it takes time to improve the things especially when it is about leg muscles and squat strength, you have to be really patient to see the results.

14) Best Way to Enhance Power

Some experts also suggest that when you have finished your rep, you should give a try to moving shoulders right into the bar and it is considered to be the best way to enhance your power. If you try to stand up while trying to drive your shoulders right into the bar, this will be really effective in doing squats.

15) Warm up Body & Muscles

For warming up your body and muscles, you really need to have a preliminary or warm-up activity. It will help you stretch your muscles and you do mild cardio, it improves the flow of blood and bring up the temperature up but you should remember that the warming up sets you have doing must be capable improve your central nervous system.

16) Nothing is better than squats for leg development

Some people suggest the use of leg presses as well to build great leg muscles and surely they are good. Hack squats are also effective in increasing leg size but nothing can replace barbell squat. If you prefer to ignore squats, you might still be able to get size in your legs but be sure no other exercise can get you the results that you can get with barbell squat.