19 Things You Must Know About Strength & Muscle Building

What are the factors that you must know to get the maximum muscles mass? The researches show that most of the weight lifters just want to go advanced training exercises workouts without knowing whether they will be useful for them or not. The secret to become a successful bodybuilder is not in doing complicated, difficult exercises and overtraining but it is in simple and selective training.

Difficulty in Your Workouts

If you study muscles building books, magazines, articles and online stuff, you might have noticed that there are a large number of articles which say if you don’t do lots of hard work and create complication in your workouts, you won’t be successful. This is not always true and in most of the cases you don’t have to create unnecessary complications in exercises.

Important Things You Must Know

There are some important things which you should always remember about muscles and strength building. These rules are for all from beginners- intermediate weight lifters but they are not for advanced power lifters and bodybuilders.

  1. When you begin workout, limit the maximum impact to 2-3 high and develop a great base full of strength from your head to toe.
  2. The total number of daily exercises should be within 4-5. Many bodybuilders need 2-4 days a week for training.
  3. If you want to get maximum returns from deadlift, don’t do it above 90%.
  4. While you are training, make sure that you train your whole body rather than specific body parts.
  5. The ideal strategy to train muscles is to do it frequently rather than skipping days.
  6. No matter if you are training only to gain strength, you should do rep work for building muscles too.
  7. Likewise, if you are training only for gaining muscles, you should build a powerful strength base.
  8. If you are one of the teens, there is no need to count the number of calories you consume but eat until you feel full and only eat when you feel hungry.
  9. If you are constantly gaining fat, this will be bothering you so try to lose fat to help you move forward.
  10. Training templates and dieting plans are the beginning points of your training program don’t think them to be a complete plan and try to give full focus to the training evolution and progress required time to time.
  11. You might never be able to have enough back and triceps strength.
  12. Make sure that you have a balance training of upper body between chest, back and shoulders. However don’t over train your arms.
  13. If you are unable to maintain consistency in your workouts, this will make a big difference and you should try to control this.
  14. While you are working with a certain workout doesn’t change it until you see progress as there is no use of simply making your muscles confuse by changing your plan every 7-10 weeks.
  15. If you have highly technical moves in your workouts such as overhead squats, etc, do them first.
  16. Half squats & quarter squats are never suggested as they are unbalanced.
  17. Nutritional supplements may not give you magical results but they can be the part of your program as they are not completely useless.
  18. Sometimes, your workouts may go wrong but it does not mean that you should take a full week off.
  19. The last and most important rule to always remember is that the simplicity in your training would be the best solution for all your bodybuilding problems.