2 Common Myths About Female Weightlifting EXPOSED!

There are a lot of misconceptions about women weight lifting as different people give different advices. Someone tells you that you need to do high reps to tone and shape your muscles while another gives you the same advice to get bigger and stronger. This all creates lots of fuss and you really have to be very careful about it. Let’s have a look at 2 common myths.

Myth #1: Toning & Shaping of Muscles

  • Every woman wants to tone and shape muscles and body but the problem is that there is nothing that can really change your muscles shape. You might have heard or tested various training programs, systems, methods and tools with a claim to help you reshape your body but this is not true. No matter you are doing yoga, swimming, weightlifting or anything else, nothing can work for you.
  • No what you can do? In fact, you can just change the size of muscles and the level of fat in your body with specific training as far as the shape is concerned, it cannot be changed because it is all God Gifted and if you have genetically good shape, you are the lucky person.
  • Those who claim to help you tone and shape your body, they actually mean to burn some amount of fat stored in your body and make your muscles a little firmer. Their programs can’t change the natural shape of muscles. Therefore, it can be called just a myth or strong advertisement campaign to sell their products and programs.

Myth #2: Getting Leaner with High Reps and Light Weights

  • There is another myth that you can get lean by doing high reps and lifting light weights. Many women often get afraid of bulking up because they believe if you put on weight, this may be like putting on muscles.
  • There is actually a big confusion about it because muscle and fat cannot be compared as one kilogram of muscle requires at least 9 thousand of calories surplus which means a lot more than the actual calories your body requires for maintenance purpose.
  • To increase muscle size does not just depend upon consuming huge amount of calories but it also requires you to follow specific training and you can get even bigger size of muscles through weight training.
  • When you do weight training, it leaves two types of effects on your overall body physique i.e. Neural Component & Metabolic Effect. When you get the neural effects, it improves the coordination between mind and muscles which is resulted into an increment in size as well as strength. When your mind conveys the message to your body, it works to increase the size of the muscles.

It is all about believing and focusing your targeted goal. Keep in mind that simply lifting weight will not make you big or bulky but you will have to decide first where you want to go. If you want to look leaner, you should not over eat and if you don’t use a food diary, you might not be able to calculate how much you need to eat and how much you actually eat. Make your workouts as hard as you can easily handle instead of making it unbearable for you.