2 Dumbbell Arm Exercises for Women

Those women, who are not interested to join a gym for arm exercises, they can use dumbbells at their homes to get toned arm muscles. Dumbbells can be used for shedding extra fats from various parts of the body not just the arms and the best thing about the dumbbells is that they are easily available equipment. Here you will find a few arm exercises for women with dumbbells which will surely help you strengthen and tone your arms as well as other body muscles.

1) Arm Curl with Dumbbells

If you want to get firmed and toned arms muscles, you should do arm curl with dumbbells which is one of the best arm exercises with dumbbells for women.

To perform this exercise what you need to do is quite simple as you just have to hold a dumbbell in each of your hands to lift them to the level of your shoulder. You will need to bend your elbows to life your hands up. You can also support your back by standing with the wall of the room as this will help you avoid injuries. In this simple workout, you can also make a little variation by lifting each arm one by one.

2) Chest Press with Dumbbells

This one works very effectively with upper arm triceps and the chest muscles. This is another great exercise and to perform it, lie down on flat surface of the room floor or on a bench with bent knees and straight feet and point your face up to the ceiling of the room. Now hold dumbbells on both of your hands. Make sure that your arms are extended and palms pointing forward. Slowly bring down the weight to the floor and then pull back to the previous position. Repeat the same at least 8 times to complete one set. Take some rest and perform 1-2 more sets.