26 Lame justifications to Avoid Working Out Today

Why should I go to gym and spend a number of hours in doing tough exercises when I can stay at my home and enjoy my favorite TV shows? Well, if you don’t want to have healthy and muscular body physique, you don’t need to do anything at all as you can simply enjoy the laziness of your life. However, if you wish to have an impressive body, you must not use lame excuses to skip your workouts.

List of 26 Lame Excuses

If you are still looking for a good excuse not to go heavier today, you can borrow any of the excuses given below:

  1. My workout clothes are not cleaned and I can’t go to gym in dirty clothes.
  2. My personal trainer is not feeling well and can’t train me today.
  3. My exercise partner does not want to go to the gym and I will not find anyone else to help me.
  4. I ate lots of fatty foods at the weekend and don’t have courage to see in mirror.
  5. My pet has eaten up workout log and I don’t know what to do.
  6. Cell phone battery is kind of dead and it is not safe to go to the gym without a connecting devise.
  7. Oh! there is a final football match between the two champions and I can’t miss it.
  8. Not feeling excited today and won’t be able to perform better.
  9. There is an informative show about health and fitness at 9 and I must watch it.
  10. Nobody encourages me so why should I go and work hard at the gym?
  11. It is raining heavily outside and I don’t want my new haircut to get ruined before my girlfriend sees it.
  12. Somebody told me that the exercises I am doing are not good.
  13. The equipments I work on are not latest.
  14. I don’t have the money to pay gym membership.
  15. I need to buy a new pair of shoes right now.
  16. I can’t find space to park my car at the gym parking area.
  17. I am already late and there is no use of going to gym now.
  18. I don’t exactly know what to do today at the gym as I have finished my previous workout session.
  19. I am feeling so exhausted today.
  20. I have to go to a date with that hot chick.
  21. I need to change my diet plan and I have to google for a better one.
  22. I don’t want to be too big like my trainer.
  23. I worked too hard yesterday and I really need to take a day off today.
  24. My iPod does not work properly and I can’t life if don’t play my favorite playlist.
  25. Too busy to spare 2 hours every day.
  26. That guy at the gym makes me so disappointed when I look at him as he works less but gains more. I need to find another gym.