The 3 Commandments to Achieve Real Fitness and Wellness

It never matters whether your parents are physically stronger or just have an average level of health and fitness because you are your own life to live and you must show your best efforts to prove yourself better than the others. This is not just about exercising but it must be the basic rule of your life to follow everything that is good and reject everything that is bad.

Commandment # 1: Set a Fundamental Motivator to Get Everlasting Results

Different people have different fitness goals such as someone might want to get an impressive body physique, someone else might want to lose weight or another one might be thinking to put on massive lean muscles. Well, it does not matter what your goal is, one day your all efforts will go in vein because you can’t live an eternal life and will soon experience the effects of aging which will affect your whole body. If you are a weight lifter, you might not be able to lift heavier weight after 10-20 years. If you are an athlete, one day you will be retiring.

It shoes all your goals will seem to be useless efforts one day. However, if you bind your goal with a fundamental motivator to get something which may stay much longer than everything else, you can be successful and that motivator can be HIGHEST FITNESS LEVEL. Do work for getting sexy body but keep everlasting fitness in your mind. This will never let you get disappointed in any age.

Commandment # 2: Don’t Cheat Your Body with Unnatural Foods

Most of those who strive to tone and sculpt their body physique according to their desires, feed their body with foods available at markets in the name of healthy foods but everybody knows that there is no guarantee of such edibles either they are natural or not. Don’t cheat your body with unnatural things that can be really harmful for your body.

It has been now proven that most of the packed foods come in boxes are not natural and contain chemicals in the name of ingredients. You must understand that nothing can be compared with the natural resources of energy and the most effective way to avoid yourself from getting affected with chemicals is to prepare your meal plan based on vegetables and fruits.

Commandment # 3: Don’t Kill Yourself In Overtraining

The majority of the people believe that the more they work, the more they can achieve. Well, yes, it is true that working hard will help you achieve your target but remember working harder than your strength will be more harmful for you than not doing anything. Getting yourself busy all the time will simply make you ignore the fact that fitness goals can only be achieved if there is a solid connection between your mind, body and spirit. True and everlasting fitness means to maintain a balance of those three factors.


Surrender before these three commandments, you will soon see how effective they are to help you get the maximum level of fitness and wellness.