3 Common Mistakes Beginner Lifters Often Make

A large number of fitness experts have contributed tips, trick and strategies for the beginner lifters on how they can get maximum results in the initial months of their strength training. However, there are only a few who have spoken about the mistakes often made by the beginners. Three of these mistakes are mentioned below:

Not Building Work Capacity

  • The first mistake that is made by the beginners is that most of them try to get quick results and completely ignore the work capacity building which helps them to lead towards the optimal adaptation for the longer term progress.
  • There is a misconception that the best workout or the real secret to gain muscles and strength is Interval Training and if someone spends time in steady state cardio, he is simply wasting his time because the cardio is completely useless.
  • This common myth often misguides the people and they totally ignore the importance of steady-state cardio and prefer only to perform high-intensity interval training (HIIT) along with supplements.
  • One should never overlook the aerobic as building aerobic base will help you get permanent solution for your fitness goals. If you simply perform 20-30 minutes low intensity cardio workouts twice a week, you can get most of it.

Not Fixing Injuries While Training

  • Everyone gets injuries during training in form of a cranky shoulder or a rolled ankle. You can get various injuries which might not be very serious and you can still continue your training but you can never be suggested to avoid these injuries only because they are not hurting a lot. You must try to fix them.
  • If you have got a burn in your shoulder, it might not be really problematic for you during the day when you are doing routine activities but it might be a real problem when you perform some kind of presses where you need to press lots of weight.
  • Keep in mind that in young age, everyone has the potential to bear the pain and continue with what you are doing without expressing your feeling but as you grow older, your potential and ability to bear suffering goes lower and then you realize that you should not ignore even the minor injuries.

Not Giving Value to Quality Nutrition

  • You might have also noticed those beginner lifters who want to build an impressive body and really work hard to achieve their goal. On the other hand, they don’t stop eating badly and include the high caloric stuff like chicken wings, crush beer etc in their diet menu.
  • You must know what you need to eat so you can meet your body’s nutrients requirements. If you just feed bad fats to your body, keep in mind that you might never be able to flush them out of the body.

The above mentioned mistakes are often made by the beginner lifters and if they overcome on these three mistakes, they can get the most out of their workouts for long term.