3 Common Questions about Deadlift with Their Answers

Deadlifting is an essential part of your training and it guarantees to get lots of benefits during training. However, a large number of people find it really difficult to perform or they can’t get the results they look for and this is because of lots of confusion about this great workout. Here in this article, you will get the answer of three questions which are often asked by the trainees about deadlifts. Go thought and question and find the answers so you can perform deadlifts in a much better way when you go to the gym next time.

Question # 1: When to Move From Double Overhand or Mixed Grip?

This is one of the most asked questions and a number of people get confused because they don’t understand what they need to do when they reach at a certain point. Well, the answer of this question is that you should have the double overhand grip as long as you can and when you get exactly to the point where you feel you are unable to complete rep, this should be considered as the time to perform even a little more harder but this might not be the point where you exactly need to reach before you move to mixed grip.

Push harder to pass through this point and when you feel, you are quite near to lose the grip and this is really affecting your lifts, you should move toward mixed grip. Remember that upholding double overhead for the longest possible period is considered to be the best strategy.

Question # 2: Should Belt Be Used to Support?

Many people also ask about using of belt while performing deadlift. The answer for this question depends upon the purpose of using the belt. Sometimes, it is good to use a belt for example if you want to get an additional support so you can lift more weight, you should go for it but if you just want to protect your back, you better not to use a belt.

The experts suggest that you should learn how to breathe properly and how to get pressure from the abdominal to straight the spine without using a support of a belt. Moreover, you must try to learn how you can breathe harder with a belt or even against a belt.

Question # 3: Which One is Better, Heavy or Reps?

Well, heavy deadlifts are considered to be great but it does not mean that you should always try to get the max singles every time you perform. The experts suggest that hitting max singles while you are training may not be of any worth for you but when you are at a competition, you can try to hit them.

The effect on your retrieval is merely not value the crush for the slight upsurge in mass and the most probability being out of point on an accurate single rep max deadlift is considered to be much better than having heavy double or even triple. Deadlift for reps should also be hit with deliberation.

Watch How To Do Deadlift Properly:

how to do deadlift properly