3 Errors Committed by Competitors at Powerlifting Meets

Almost every power-lifter makes few mistakes at his first completion and even those who have already participated in more than one meets often make mistakes which greatly affects their overall performance. However, if you try to learn from the bad experience of others, you can avoid all such mistakes.

Cut Down Weight

A number of weight lifters prefer to cut down weight before the competition to meet the requirement of lighter weight lifting class if they are interested to compete in one because of the easiness. However, the procedure is usually preplanned and it is up to the lifters either to go through weigh-ins on the same day or twenty four hours before the meets. Now the question is what is the actual mistake that certain weight lifters make?

Actually, they try to lose weight when they don’t really need it. It means if they have the weight to be fit in a certain class, they should not reduce the weight as it will leave bad impact on their muscles as well as strength. For example, if you weight 99kg, you are eligible to compete 100kg class and now you must avoid reducing weight to be eligible for a lighter class as it will give you nothing but the loss of strength and muscles.

Cooling Down of Muscles

Those who participate at a meet for the first time must know that warming up at a gym and warming up at a meet are different. At the gym, you can follow the most appropriate pace, take proper time to fully warm up, have ideal resting period between the sets and access large variety of equipment. However, at a meet, you don’t have a lot of choices as a number of lifters need to perform the sets at the same time with the same equipment and off course, they are with different level of strength which requires constant changes in weight bar and it surely wastes lots of time.

This is a serious condition as if you don’t get a chance to warm up, your body will cool down when you reach to the attempt. Now you can do two things to avoid cooling down of the body muscles. Start warming up 10-15 minutes before your first attempt. This will give you enough time to warm up before your attempt. Secondly, put on some clothing on your body to keep it warm up so it does not get cooled during all the three attempts.

Eating Inappropriate Food before Meets

Now the third most common mistake is to consume the inappropriate foods and drinks before the final day or the same day. You enjoy delicious meals but you often forget that it will surely leave bad impact on your performance which will create hindrance in your way to perform better.

Therefore, you must avoid spicy food and excessive dairy products. However, there may be various other food items which can affect a lifter and he/she should know what could be the worse or worst foods for him/her. Another important thing is that if you eat wrong foods, you will have to visit toilet between the attempts.