3 of The Best Hamstring Stretches

A tight hamstring is a very common problem no matter what is the reason behind it. It can happen just by sitting in your office or by doing exercise. It is really important to give stretching to such muscles as the best hamstring stretches leave great effect on back, knees & hips. Stretches are important because the tight hamstrings might also cause injuries during bodily activity. There are many health problems which don’t occur in the beginning but later lead to knee and back pain.

Why to do stretches?

If you want to keep yourself fit health and in best body shape, you must give importance to stretching which is often ignored by most of the people. There are various types of stretches which can greatly help of get rid of this problem.

Pulled or Torn Fiber Tissues

You might have also heard about pulled hamstring stretches which is a term to use to describe that you have happened to tear the fibers muscles of any of the 3 most important and large muscles in your hamstring which cover large part of your back side of the thighs.

This kind of injury usually occurs when you don’t warm up your muscles before doing exercises. If you are living an inactive lifestyle, this will also lead you to have injuries. During sports or other activity, abrupt movement may stress tight muscles which also lead injuries. It is better to stretch a pulled hamstring to recover from the injuries but it is really important to do it with care, ease and flexibility. There are various types and styles of stretches and three of them are mentioned in this article.

Yoga Hamstring Stretches

Stretching hamstrings is not very easy as it may also cause problems if you are not carful. Both new and advanced yoga learners often try to deal with tight hamstrings. But the problem is that yoga poses for hamstrings are held only for 10-30 seconds which is quite a short period and hamstrings require longer poses and holdings.

This is because of the fact that these muscles are quite tough and contain various fascial tissues. Therefore, it usually needs more of care, sensibility and dedication to keep it flexible so they don’t get tightened up and longer stretches must be adopted to open up such muscles.

Standing Hamstring Stretches

Standing hamstring stretch is considered to be really an effective and useful form of stretch for muscles in lower back and rear-thigh. The experts suggest that if you are having problems with your lower-back, you can perform this kind of exercise

Seated Hamstring Stretches

like the standing stretches, another type is known as seated hamstring stretches which is quite useful for back aching, hips soreness and pain in knees as these problems are usually caused by tight hamstrings which can be relieved by doing various types of stretches such as Head to Knee, Folded Hurdler, One-Legged Seated Wide Straddle and Seated Wide Straddle. The most important thing about these stretches is that they are performed by sitting on floor and if you tired, you can still do them or even if you are sitting in TV lounge and watching your favorite movie.