3 Steps for Taking our Goals from Dreams to Reality

Goal setting involves planning an objective and setting out definite steps and a time frame for achieving them. Commitment, desire to achieve and perseverance are all things that help in success. However it will definitely reflect on our planning and executing difficulties if the goals set are too difficult or impossible to achieve. Likewise if they are too easy, they will cease to be challenging and motivational for us.

But make no mistake about it- setting a goal is one of the most important things you can do to improve your condition and give you a direction and purpose in life. Without goals, there is simply no motivation. You don’t really know what you want to accomplish, so anything will do. We see a lot of people who are frustrated because they don’t have a proper direction or purpose in life. So it really helps to set goals for nearly everything you do. It makes time management easier and also makes your efforts more focused so that you do not waste time on frivolous pursuits. Managing your time is managing your life.

Physical, mental and psychological- all these three systems are connected to each other in each individual and it is learning to use them most productively that makes a success out of a normal human being. Drive, hunger and motivation can propel them on but it is important to have a goal that is challenging and worthwhile to achieve in the first place.

Let’s say that you want to improve the way you look and feel about your body. Take a look in the mirror, for that would be your starting point. Now visualize your desired end point by choosing a desired role model that you admire and let this be your goal. Then you go to a person who is an expert in diet and nutrition and another who is a guru of fitness and exercise and let them plan out your path of improvement or change. You might have to increase or decrease your weight, or improve your muscle to fat ratio so that in the end you do indeed achieve your desired weight and shape. It will not be easy, as the road is fraught with many difficulties. It is important to reward yourself along the way, otherwise the whole process will be one of drudgery and self-pity and you would be most likely to lapse back into your previous bad and unhealthy behaviors after the first few unsuccessful efforts.

After you set your goal, decide what makes it worthwhile for you to achieve and you will have the motivation to carry it through. Make it realistic and achievable by setting goalposts along the way. Remember, every professional you know was once a novice starting off in his or her field of endeavor. But true grit and perseverance got them where they are today.

You will become a success in a field of endeavor if you truly enjoy what you do. It must be a labor of love. It must help the world or be of use to others as well who become your customers, admirers and followers. It is self-belief that makes the best and most enduring champions of all.