3 Tips to Avoid Rips on Hands

A large number of people have begun working out these days in form of weightlifting, rock climbing, rowing, and swimming and many other physical activities in which your hands directly get involved and takes really serious beating, rubbing, pulling etc. In the results, the soft skin of palms often get rough and in worst condition it can even get bad rips. Rips not just make your hands unattractive but they are also quite painful and cause lot of trouble while you get advanced in your training. There are a few tips which you can use to prevent rips.

1 – Use of Pumice Stone

  • The most effective preventive measure is to take extra care of your hands before they get ripped. When you need to shave calluses, you can use pumice stone which is considered to be an excellent choice for this purpose. The other tools which can be used for cleaning your skin are PedEgg and callus shaver.
  • Those who want to shave calluses in short time and have a sense of bravery, can use dremel along with an attached sanding tool. Begin slowly and gradually increase your speed to be more confident.
  • Well, if you are not doing anything to maintain your hands, you can’t get any results no matter how excellent a tool is. The ideal time to shave calluses is when you come out of the bath or shower because this time your skin seems to be soft and puffy and can be easily treated.

2 – Use of Chalk Powder

  • When you join a gym for the first time in your life, your hands are smooth and soft but after a few days of workouts, they begin to get ripped because of getting them engaged with different exercise equipment and tools. There are a few very simple preventive measures you can take to keep your palms save from rips during workouts.
  • You can use chalk as a tool which provides you with dual advantages as rubbing chalk powder on your hands will help you keep them dry which will enable you to have a better grip on the bar and you won’t have to hold it too tightly.
  • On the other hands there will be low risk of getting rips but remember that using excessive amount of chalk will cause more friction. Therefore, you should limited amount of chalk and dry your hands with a tower between the sets.

3 – Wearing Leather Hand Grips

  • Gripping the bar is something which really makes a difference because if you use your hands wrongly to hold the bar, it may cause rips. Therefore, you should notice either you are using your palms or your fingers base for grabbing.
  • You might have even noticed that the rock climbers don’t use their hands but they actually use fingers to climb as they feel like they are pulling something rather than pushing. You should use the same approach while grabbing and gripping the bar.
  • If you are someone who has to work in a professional environment where you can’t afford to get ripped palms, you can use leather hand grips. It will take some time but soon you will be accustomed of wearing such leather grips.