3 Tips on How to Look Toned In Your Wedding Day Photos

Do you want a skinny or a toned body on your wedding day? Here are tips on how to look toned in your wedding day photos.


Why do brides want to look toned in their wedding photos? It is quite simply because of the power of photography: showing the exciting moments in time. The pictures are what remain once everything is said and done. It is just proper to look toned on your wedding day.

A lot of reasons women try to appear more beautiful and toned up on their wedding day. The memories of a lifetime are usually the prime reasons. They want their children to remember them in great physical attributes on their wedding day. 

Toning the body before your wedding day is not easy. It is not even hard, if you have the will. Here are some tips on how to look toned in your wedding day photos.

Getting toned physically helps a lot.

That’s right! With the advent of Photoshop, you can digitally enhance your figure with the help of your computer-savvy friend. But do you like to live in a world of deceptions and trickery for the rest of your life? 

Besides, you can do something simple to keep you toned without spending a lot. It needs just a little bit of your time and perspirations (and inspiration).

Difference between being toned and skinny

Before diving into body toning, maybe it’s better to know the difference between toned-up and skinny bodies. We like to inform you that much online advice to help you tone up is wrong! 

The general gym rule of thumb goes something like this: To tone, utilize light weights with more reps (repetitions). To bulk, lift heavy with few reps. However, this gym wisdom is not always true for most women. 

For women, toning requires losing fat while building not too bulky muscles. Otherwise, you will become skinny, not toned.

The best approach for women to toning their bodies is to lift heavy with limited reps (like ten reps maximum each time). Doing low weight with high reps has a minimal effect on the growth of muscles. It is an approach classified as a cardio workout.

So, here are the most comprehensive tips to keep your tone up on your wedding day. If you are doing your wedding invitations: find some samples of the best wedding invitations.

Tips on How to Look Toned In Your Wedding Day Photos

Many general practitioners believe it takes about four to eight weeks for your muscles to get toned. It also depends on the intensity and consistency of your workout. Here are some of the best advice and tips on toning your body.

  • Do weights and reps.

Lift heavy, but not the weight that you could hardly move. Try a lighter lift during your initial workouts and slowly go into mid-weight. The burden will develop your muscle fibers while it gradually increases your metabolism with time.

The workout needs working with a weight that limits you to about 10 reps. It will not make your muscle sizeable because women do not produce enough testosterone to attain a bulky body.

  • Do compound lifts

Doing the compound lifts will mobilize your biggest muscle groups and utilizes several of your muscles at once. The process will support your muscle toning effort. The compound lifts are also strengthening exercises that include deadlifts and squats.

This workout regimen will give you more chances developing your muscles with proper diet and nutrition. Your physique is improved once your wedding day comes. Do you want DIY black and white wedding invitations? Please click the link.

  • Sport the following features

A reliable toning workout usually has the following features:

  • Lift heavy weights with about 10 reps per set (maximum)
  • Rest for about a minute (maximum) between sets
  • Give more credence to compound lifts
  • Utilize low-and high-intensity training intervals


Looking great in wedding photos is what all brides want to happen. But a toned body is more memorable for them as it immortalizes their youth and a life of happiness. 

These timely tips on how to look toned in your wedding day photos make you ponder memories with your hubby and kids.