3 Ways to Get a Better Grip on Deadlift

Most professional bodybuilders know that the deadlift is one exercise that helps build strength and endurance all through the body. That’s why many are inclined to call it as the King of Lifts. Admittedly, it’s a tough act to perform as it involves picking a heavy weight off the ground and lifting it above your head with your arms fully extended.

Some people are even prone to describe their ultimate bodybuilding achievement by stating how much weight they can deadlift. An important and significant part of the whole exercise is to learn how to grip the bar properly. Getting it right will make the lift seem easier, as applying the right technique is always rewarding. On the other hand, not paying attention to this basic element will serve to make the lift difficult and cumbersome. You might lose your grip at any moment or tire easily, or your entire action may seem unwieldy and disqualify you from competition. At the very least, you could hurt yourself or twist a muscle. Stopping to learn and train yourself properly will reap many rewards in future, as you can lift heavier weights for a longer time if you use the correct technique.

The following are three ways in which you can grip the bars correctly for the deadlift:

1 – The Double Overhand Grip

In executing this grip, the lifter grips the bars so that his fingers cover the circumference of the bar and join or touch the palms. This makes the grip simple, safe and secure. The lifter would instinctively know if he or she is lifting the correct amount of weight, once the effort is made to lift it from the ground.

2 – The Mixed Grip

This grip hybrid uses the hands against each other. One hand is used to execute an overhead grip as described above. At the same time, the other hand is in the opposite direction looking to just lift up the bar to a reasonable height. So though it seems that the hands are working in opposition to each other, we unify the effort by lifting the bar at both ends at the same time. Bodybuilders are inclined to use this mixed grip when it becomes difficult to use the double overhand grip. It can take some practice to get this right so be sure you start with just the bar first, adding light weights first and then progressing to your current weight level.

3 – The Hook Grip

This grip is the one most commonly used by professional bodybuilders and athletes in training and competition. It consists of making an adjustment to the double overhand grip that solidifies your grip on the bar. You have to trap your thumb between your fingers upon gripping the bar, as you complete the grip. This action cements your grip on the bar, making it difficult to lose hold on the bar itself. But beware, lifting too much weight can serve to loosen even this grip. The body’s natural response to lifting too much would be simply to give up the effort.

Now that you know, you can use this knowledge to make gains in strength training by executing the deadlift in any one of these preferred ways.