3/4 Sit-Up Workout – An Effective Exercise to Target Abdominal Muscles

Sit-ups can be said to be the most performed exercise for abdomen. The basic reason for its popularity is that they are appropriate for everyone training at any level to build abs. However, the success ratio completely depends upon how correctly the exercise is being performed.

There are a few important things which you must keep in your mind while performing 3/4 sit-ups to improve abdominal strength.

  • First of all, you must try to keep your speed in control as the faster you work, the more you increase the risk of injuries without getting any benefits. Therefore, you must work slowly to help your muscles grow faster.
  • The second important rule is that you better perform your abdominal exercises after you have done your regular workout routine as strong and strengthen abdominal muscles will greatly help in stabilizing overall body and this will improve many other movements.

How to Perform 3/4 Sit-Ups?

To perform this exercise, just follow the under mentioned steps;

  1. You simply need to lie down on surface of the floor.
  2. Make sure that your feet fully secured. Once you have taken the proper position on the floor, go for the next step.
  3. Bend your legs right at your knees.
  4. Put your both hands right behind your head.
  5. The beginning point of your exercise will be from your back side.
  6. Flex spine and hips to move your chest toward your knees.
  7. From the top contraction, you should make a position to enable your torso get perpendicular right to the ground.

If you don’t perform the exercise in the proper way, you will get a little stress on your abdominal muscles which will not let you get the maximum benefit of this exercise.