4 Accessories Fitness Fanatics Should Invest In

Fitness apps

Sometimes it is hard to feel like you are getting a good workout unless you are head to toe in lycra, donning a sweatband around your head, and have at least four apps on your phone running to check your calorie expenditure, your heart rate, how many times your abs have contracted. We love our accessories, and there are many that can make our life just a little easier when it comes to working out, staying in a routine, and keeping on track.

Read on to find out which accessories you should get your hands on today.

A Foam Roller

If you thought sports massages were uncomfortable, get ready for a reality check. In principle, it might sound nice, rolling around on something that is supposed to help ease your muscles, but it is essentially just another workout with extra pain. That being said, it does do wonders for your body. It can help your recovery time significantly improve, kneed out knots, reduce inflammation, help with back pain, and increase your range of motion. Apparently, sometimes health really is pain, but you probably already know that if you are friends with the treadmill.

A Pilates Ring

This bad boy is one of those simple tools that can give you incredible results the more often you use it. A Pilates ring can give your body a full workout and allow you to target any areas you see fit without needing anything else. It offers natural resistance, which can help you build up muscle, tone, and shape your body. Not to forget about the health benefits such as a stronger heart too.

There is no excuse not to do a workout wherever you are, as you will be able to take this with you wherever you go!

A Decent Gym Bag

A good gym bag is like a trusty workout friend. It holds everything you need for any type of workout, not forgetting snacks, it can hold up in all kinds of weather, and it doesn’t tell you that your muscles are not looking big today. You do not want a bag that easily falls apart, so durability is a must, and they can often double up when you are going away for the weekend and need a carry-all. Check out some of the best cross-training backpacks from Built For Athletes, which can also come with inspirational patches for when you regret leaving the sofa.

A Yoga Door Strap Stretcher

This nifty little device is great for those who need to get their stretch on, but might not have an instructor or a partner that can give you the resistance you need. All you need is a door (and a bit of balance), and then this yoga door strap stretcher contraption can be pulled by you, at your own pace, to allow your body to get a deep stretch.
Great for those who want more flexibility or want a really good cool down after a tough workout.