4 Best Power Racks on the Market

Power Racks are a standout amongst the most adaptable and imperative bits of gear in any commercial or private gym. They let me easily achieve all the lifts I require in literally one corner of the room. There are hundreds of companies out there that offer Power Racks that are perfect for standing,seated and lying weight barbell workouts including bench press, squats, rows, overhead press, rack pulls, shrugs, and a lot more. And that is where the beauty of the Power Rack lies.

More often than not, selecting the best power rack is ahighly individualized opinion. However, there are a certain number of things youmight want to take care of while choosing the one that best caters to your requirements.


First and foremost, what might need some attention is the hole spacing. Luckily,I had the opportunity of having the not-so-pleasant experience of exercising on a power rack with holes situated wide apart – a thing which otherwise mighthave gone unnoticed had I decided to buy one earlier. Making sure that the holespacing is narrow, I didn’t have those moments where I was on either end ofthe right setting – where the rack was either too high or too low making mybench and squat sessions a mild nightmare. Other than that, it all comes downto the size, cost and the quality of the material used of the power rack that wouldplay the biggest role in shaping your decision. While choosing the best is all up to you, the following 4 power racks are theones which I feel are the best! Let’s have a look at them one at a time.

Fitness Reality X-Class Light

This spacious, versatile, and sturdy monster probably gets the highest priority due to its high-quality sturdy design that has the capability to resist 1500 pounds. It is equipped with pre-drilled holes designed
for grounding, a U-shaped stability and firmness bar at the lower end as well as a 10-year warranty on the frame. The multifaceted two- piece pull-up bar has the potential to withstand 600. lbs and comes with a neutral, medium, and wide grips. Retailingat low $$$, it is by far one of the most affordable power racks available to users.


  • Excellent built
  • Inclusion of dual pull up bar
  • Comes with dip handle
  • Inexpensive


  • Customer Support is not that great

TDS Power Rack 72 Inches High

Do you need a top-notch power rack for your home gym centerbut are worried about your struggle with lower ceilings? All things considered,this is the thing you need.

Being just 72 inches tall, this high-grade power rack offers the majority of the benefits of its bigger rivals while having the capacity to fitwithin the house without having a battle with the ceilings. This was my veryfirst power rack that I owned. I ordered it online and received it way ahead ofthe promised delivery date. This was the first sign to a good product and itcouldn’t have been more right! The only hiccup I had was with its assembly andI felt that the instructions could have been clearer.

Equipped with strong steel safety bars and a solid chin bar,this power rack can withstand weight in excess of 1,000 pounds. Its strong frameimplies that it won’t shake while you are working out. You can do squats, pull-up,roles or bench presses without having to worry about the weight you put on it.


  • Relatively compact
  • Lower Height
  • Solid Built


  • Paint breaks off easily
  • Expensive
  • Not suitable for people over 6 feet

Titan Power Rack Squat Deadlift HD Lift Cage

Anyone who wishes add an attractive and promising machine totheir home gym that also assures safety and security must give this power racksome attention.It comes with 1-inch round sturdy steel safety pins, has 28holes which are 2 inches apart from each other, and is made of heavy-duty 12 gauge
steel with the capability to withstand 700 pounds.This high-quality power rack itself has a height of 83inches and an inside workout space of 26 inches from the rear. It has a chin upbar having a diameter of 1 ¼ and being 44 inches wide which allows me to do allof those outlandish pulls my workout demands.


  • Durable
  • Versatile
  • Affordable
  • Foldable wall rackversion available


  • Takes us a large area
  • Not the best for advanced powerlifters
  • Mightrequire being anchored to the floor to ensure utmost safety

Super Power Rack

This high-grade power rack is straightforward to assembleout-of-the-box. Its eminence is ensured with a lifetime warranty.While I myself have used it only once, I remember one of mystudents praising it for its durability. Moreover, it is as secure and ascompact as power rack can be expected to be. It’s exceptionally lightweight designmakes moving it around a walk in the park (or should I say – a walk in theroom). The sturdy 1-inch safety bars are guaranteed to upkeep any weight you arelifting in the event of ditching it. Barbell trays, crossover and l attachments all compliment to the versatility of this magnificent power rack.


  • A large number of attachments
  • Includes Olympicplate holders and knurled chin bars
  • Sturdy construction


  • Reports of issues with the metalwork such as flaws with the material
  • Noconfirmed maximum weight (reports of it becoming unsteady above 600 lbs.)
  • Therehave been few complaints about packaging and shipping

Final Recommendation

If I had to choose the ultimate power rack, I would rather stay mute! The thing is,while there certainly major differences in all the ones mentioned above, youcan only call it to be the best once it is able to fulfill all yourrequirements. Your decision of buying the correct power rack would be driven bya few questions like – How much does it cost? Can it be anchored to the ground?What is the size? Will it fit inside my house or garage? Does it have astabilizer? What are my fitness needs? And a few more… The better you are ableto answer them, the happier would you be with your purchase!

Good Luck!