4 Common Mistakes You Make When Squatting

Sometimes, mistakes are good if you are learning from them and trying to do even better but if you are repeating the same or don’t even know that you are making a mistake, this may be very dangerous for you and therefore, you must try to learn about them especially when you are doing squats. Here are some very common mistakes most squatters make.

Mistake # 1 – Giving Too Much Importance to Squatting

  • If you search online for articles about squatting, you will find that there is a lot of positive stuff about squats but if you think deeply, you might be able to understand that squatting is giving much more importance than it actually has or it is being misinterpreted.
  • While you are squatting and there is heavier weight right on your back, you want something much deeper so you can get results as much as possible. However, it does not always generate the result you expect from it. There is no doubt that the exercise has some very great benefits which can be gained directly if perform correctly.

Mistake # 2 – Not Wearing Necessary Accessories

  • There are many people who don’t give importance to wearing of necessary lifting accessories such as knee wraps, belts etc. Those can be really effective in providing great support while you are doing heavier squats to get the maximum benefits from this exercise.
  • Wearing all necessary accessories is strongly suggested as they can prevent injuries which often occur during training with heavy weight. However, when you are lifting lower weight and there is no or lower risk of injuries, you can try to lift without belt to improve your position as well as ability to put pressure.

Mistake # 3 – Being Diffident With Hips

  • Another common mistake is being diffident about the hips position. It usually happens when someone performs squatting type in which no technical issues are noticed but the position still seems unstable. In this case, the trainee does not realize the actual shape of the hips which often look something like “S” shape.
  • When one tries to create confidence with the perfect position of the hips to make perfect shape, it helps the squatter to be able to put more focus on correcting the position from one side of the body. In fact, it does not really matter what form of squatting you are going to perform, the position must be correct.

Mistake # 4 – Lifting Too Heavy

  • Some people are under the misunderstanding that going with too heavier weight very often can greatly help them but this is absolutely wrong and if you are doing the same, you are actually increasing the risks of injuries for you.
  • It is good to squat but it always bad to squat too much and too often. You have to follow a proper plan recommended by an expert rather than following the advice of someone who happened to get good results from doing too heavy. Sometimes, you might be more energetic to perform with more weight but you should not make it very habit.
Watch How to Do Squats Properly:

how to do squat properly