4 Deal Breakers That can Harm Your Fitness Goals

1) You are Eating Wrong Foods

When you are on a diet, you might have to live on packaged foods most of which is not natural. You must stop eating such foods which come in boxes because if you don’t do it, it may be really harmful for your fitness goals in weight room. Remember your main goal is not losing weight but keeping it off all the way should be your main goal.

2) You aren’t Keeping Your Body Fully Hydrated

No matter how highly intensive activities you are doing, you don’t get exhausted if you are properly keeping your body fully hydrated. Hydrating means refueling your body when it gets dehydrated and the most part of the fuel that your body needs is water. Major part of your body is water as most part of muscles tissues (at least 75%) is comprised of water while fat tissues (10%) are comprised of water.

Therefore, it is quite essential to replenish your body with water as frequently as possible. When you are doing high intensity exercises, you are suggested to drink water 10-20 minutes. The importance of this activity can be judged with the fact that majority of the athletes set timers to remind themselves if they forget to drink water.

3) You are Consuming too Much of Alcohol or Alcoholic Drinks

Drinking alcohol and alcoholic drinks has become a fashion and for many people it has become addiction. However, they don’t really know that it is really a big source to get overweight. You might have seen the people who are sweet tooth and love to eat delicious sugary desserts every day and then they see the consequence in form of getting overweighed.

Now if you are habitual of drinking alcohol so you should be join addiction treatment program online thosands of websites avilable if you search on google. and you must know that it goes the same with sugary desserts because both work in the same way. Now it is up to you to choose which is more important for you 2-3 glasses of wine or health and fitness of your body. Alcohol is said to be an empty intake of calorie which means you are simply drinking sugar.

4) You aren’t Lifting Heavier Weight

If you don’t want to bulk up and lifting heavy weight, it does not matter because you will not bulk up as bulking up takes time and training. It is not something that just happens with anyone but it requires proper planning, training and workout out. If you simply increase the weight of your tools, it will not work.

Most of the training programs claim to help you in toning your body but the fitness experts believe there is no such thing which is called TONING. You just have the muscles and you can try to have more muscles. Put on some lean muscles, burn excessive amount of calories and begin lifting heavier.


Besides, the ones mentioned above, there might be various others factors that may be really harmful for your fitness goals. Now the best thing you can do is that you must try to correct the mistakes that you are making every day without even knowing their harmful effects on your health and fitness.