4 Probable Causes of Multiple Sclerosis- Combat Health Issues!

Most people may have come across the term ‘multiple sclerosis.’ Doctors say it refers to a chronic neurological disorder which damages a patient’s central nervous system. They explain that this mechanism present in every individual consists of the spinal cord and his/her brain. Signals pass to and from these two organs via a network of nerve fibers. This allows human beings to perform various activities without any problems. A fatty layer which experts refer to as myelin protects and insulates these axons. It allows them to perform their functions properly. However, in this illness hyperactive immune cells damage this protective layer causing it to harden over time. This resultant scar tissue then disrupts all transmissions.

What are the likely causes of multiple sclerosis?

Most medical professionals say multiple sclerosis affects many people around the world. However, the symptoms and the extremity of the illness varies from one person to another. Moreover, they explain it is very difficult to pinpoint a single cause for this disorder. Many of these specialists agree the following 4 factors play a critical role in its development:

  1. Malfunctioning of the immune system

Such experts clarify that this condition occurs when there is a malfunction of a person’s immune system. For some unknown reason, the cells become erratic and start to attack the myelin sheath. This is what triggers the illness.

  1. Genetics

The specialists believe a person’s genes determine whether he/she may end up suffering from this disorder. Research shows individuals with close relative suffering from this illness are more vulnerable to it. Their chances of contracting it increase by 5% in comparison to other people.

  1. Environment

Medical researchers studying multiple sclerosis cases around the world have come to an unusual conclusion. People living in temperate regions are more susceptible to this illness than those residing in the equator. They hold the view that vitamin D may play a critical role in the cure of this disorder. It helps to boost the human immune system. People living in such areas receive more sunlight than counterparts in other places. As a result, their bodies have no difficulty producing this organic compound in ample quantities. This makes them less likely to contract the illness. However, they don’t have enough evidence to prove this fact.

  1. Infection

Medical professionals cannot rule out the possibility of certain viruses being responsible for this disorder. Microbes such as measles or Epstein-Barr virus (EBV)may cause the inflammation in a person’s immune system. This subsequently disintegrates the myelin sheath.

Multiple sclerosis affects millions of people around the world. Medical experts are still unsure of the root causes of this ailment. However, they do suspect it could the result of one or all of the above 4 factors.  They admit disorder makes it very difficult for such individuals to carry on with their day without hassle. However, making a few lifestyle changes can make a lot of difference. All they need to do is quit smoking, get enough sleep and stop taking unnecessary medicines. On top of this, they have got to take steps to reduce stress and protect themselves from infections.