4 Progress Indicating Factors of Strength & Muscles Building

When you are working hard and eating right amount of foods at the right time, you surely hope to see great results but sometimes, it seems really difficult to understand if you are really progressing or not. In this article, 4 indicators are being discussed which will help you understand if you are going to the right track or you need to make few changes in your training program.

Strength Enhancement

Strength enhancement is the most important factor which will let you judge your real progress. If you feel stronger after every workout, you are really progressing. When you do compound forms of lifts such as squat, deadlift, bench press and military press, you will feel higher level of strength if compared to the other isolation exercises such as lateral raises and bicep curls etc. If you are doing low rep ranges between1-3, most probably, you will get neural strength level which means you will simply gain strength but not strength.

An Increased Muscle Size

Another indication of your progress is mirror at the gym or at your home where you can see yourself and decide how much you have progressed and how much you need to progress. Idea behind the use of a mirror is that you can notice your progress every single day. It might not be easy to notice little changes in your physical appearance but you can capture your photos and compare them every week. You can have printed version of your photos which can be pasted on mirror. When you compare your pictures taken every week throughout the month, it will be much easier for you to find the difference.

Increasing Body-weight

If your gain a little more or less 0.5lb of fat per week, it will be treated as excessive fat. As far as the amount of muscles is concerned, it mainly depends upon the genetics and there is no specific figure. You might be someone who gain 0.5ib of muscles or 1.5ib of muscles every week. The best way to check your improvement is to check scale after every seven days. If your progress is at least 0.3ib per week, it is fine, otherwise, you have to increase your daily calories intake.

Increase In Number of Reps

If you have been able to perform more number of reps with same or more amount of weight, it shows, you are going right with your training and you are continuously getting more and more muscles. For example, if you go for barbell curls loaded with 55Ib for 7 reps on Tuesday and then perform the same exercise with same weight but increased reps of 11 or 12, you are getting progressive.


When you track your progress with strength, size, weight and reps, you can get even better results from your training. If you use all these four factors and realize that you have not progressed, you need to make changes in your training program or else you might not achieve your desired body physique.