4 Reasons Why You aren’t Having Desired Results In Gym

I) No Specific Goal to Follow

People join gym for 3 basis reasons i.e. burning excessive body weight, building muscles or getting stronger or fitter. Now the problem is that these are not specific goals and you simply work to get any one of the three, you don’t really have a specific goal to follow.

Instead you should set a specific headline for your goal such as “It’s my dream to lose 10 pounds of weight in the next eight weeks or I want to get stronger biceps at any cost within the next 2 months. Setting up specific goal will force you to achieve it in given period of time and to meet the deadline, you will really work harder.

II) Not Maintaining a Training Journal

Maintaining a training journal is really important to reach your goal and if you are missing this important training factor, you can’t understand your progress which will always keep you confused and you will find it really difficult where to move next. A training journal is not a simple register but it is an exclusively designed worksheet prepared by a personal trainer. Many gyms have their own diaries which are offered to the trainees and they are required to fill out each and every activity during training.

Therefore, you must use a training journal to avoid making misjudgment about your progress. In journal, you need to write down the exercises you do every day, number of sets and reps and the amount of weight you are lifting. As far as cardio sessions are concerned, it completely depends upon the types of machines you are using. You can write down speed, time, incline, resistance and distance. Recording everything will enable you to bring improvement in your next sessions.

III) Not Eating Right Food in Right Quantity at Right Time

If you are the one who work real hard at the gym and see the results but don’t eat right food in right quantity at the right time, you are actually wasting all your gains. For example, you go to the gym, follow right exercises to lose your desired amount of weight but then go back and eat badly, you will make your condition even worse. Thought, exercises really work but surely, you will never see the results you are dreaming for.

There are many people who reach near to the targeted weight loss by making real efforts and then they feel they should be rewarded with delicious junk and process foods in acceptance of their efforts. This is the biggest mistake one can ever make while struggling to lose weight.

IV) Keep Doing Same Exercises for Months

Sometimes, people keep on doing same exercises and workouts for more than 2-3 months and expect amazing results. This is another reason why you are not progressing in your training. You might not know that your body is smarter than you and it accepts the changes so quickly and when you do the same exercises for long, it makes your body lazy and it does not show resistance.

Now the best thing you can do to keep your body fully active and resistant is making of constant changes and alternation in your workouts. You can also increase and decrease the time you spend on a specific exercise or you can perform same exercise at different machines. No matter what you do, you just have to make constant changes, alternations and variations to your workouts.