4 Things to Consider When Selecting a Dishwasher

An average household uses a dishwasher more than three times a week, sometimes even once a day. It is an essential household appliance that can serve you for a long or short time, depending on the criteria you follow when choosing one. There are different qualities of dishwashers on the market that cater to people with varying budgets; it’s worth searching online for ‘dishwasher prices Philippines‘ (or wherever you live) to research these prices. By doing this you may even come across some great deals and offers too. Having a list of the features you are looking for, including noiseless options, will make it easier for you to narrow your search to a brand that meets your expectations.

man with dishwasher

The type of washing you will be doing

The washing cycle mostly available in the dishwasher settings include normal, light, pots and pans. If your washing varies depending on how much cooking you do. Sometimes your dishes may need a light wash, while other times you may entertain and so will require the pots and pans cycle.

Buying a dishwasher with a single wash cycle might be cheap, but it is also restrictive. It is best to buy a dishwasher that has multiple wash cycles. This makes it possible for you to select the ideal option based on how dirty the dishes are. Other settings you should look out for include the rinse and delay until the load is full options.

The size of the dishwasher

When looking at the size of the dishwasher, it is vital to consider your household needs and the space available. Standard size models have more than eight place settings and six serving pieces, while the compact size has eight place settings and less than six serving pieces. The standard size can comfortably fit in a 24-inch space.

If you are drawn towards the compact capacity model, it is vital for you to consider how often you will need to use it. If you are likely to use it frequently, you may find that you will pay more for the water and electricity than if you used the standard capacity model.

The duration of a cycle

Most decisions take between 80 and 150 minutes per normal cycle. It is important to note that a longer cycle does not necessarily mean a better wash. It is therefore important to consider the cycle time based on the average cycle, instead of picking a dishwasher that takes a longer time in the hope that dishes will be cleaner, it is best to choose one that is within the average range.

Check the energy consumption

Modern dishwashers have an energy guide sticker. This will help you understand how the dishwasher is going to affect your current energy and water consumption. Dishwashers consume between three and a half and twelve gallons of water per load. You should also expect your energy bills to increase by approximately $65 a year. If you are concerned about the additional costs, it is best to always go for a model that is energy and water efficient It is also wise to invest in a cheap electricity plan that best fits the needs of your household.

For a long time, some features, such as dirt sensors, were reserved for premium dishwashers. However, this is a standard feature in most modern dishwashers. When selecting a dishwasher, it is best to look out for features which will influence your decision to choose one dishwasher over the rest.