5 Most Asked Questions about Workouts

1 – How Many Days Should I Work Out In A Week?

Well, everyone has different level of fitness and goals to achieve and the days you need to spend in your workouts depends upon your current body status and your goals. Most of the personal trainers suggest that every adult with good health should be spending at least 150 minutes and 75 minutes in cardio with moderate intensity and vigorous intensity respectively. He can also have a combination of vigorous and moderate intensity.

2 – Should I Eat Something Before I Begin My Workout?

Well, before you go to gym for your workout, you should always eat something to supply energy to your body at least one hour before you begin your workouts. You can eat any healthy foods rich in carbs which can be easily digested before you reach gym. The better choice is to eat yogurt or fruits but try to avoid eating too much as this will make your body feel laziness during exercise. If you choose to do exercises in the morning, eating is not necessary.

3 – Should I Eat Something After I Finish My Workout?

Eating after you have done your workouts is more important than eating before due to lack of glycogen which are lost during exercises and needs to be replenished with healthy foods. Most of the nutritionists suggest that when you have finished exercises, you should eat some foods rich in protein and carbs digested easily. This is your first post workout meal and the second meal you should have at least 2 hours later. Remember, you should never eat too much but it should only be enough to provide your body with necessary vitamins, proteins, minerals and other nutrients.

4 – What Should Be Done First; cardio or weights?

Well, it also depends upon your goals. However, it is believed that if you are trying to lose fat faster, you can use weights before cardio technique in same session but in most of the cases, it does not matter what is done first as the outcome is almost same. The priority usually depends upon your own choice, if you feel you are better with weight first and then cardio, go for it. If you want to make your workouts really metabolic, you can also add short burst type of cardio movements.

5 – Should I Expect Results Too Early?

You should never expect the results too early as it always takes some time and if you don’t see the results as you expect, you might get disappointed, therefore, you should always avoid to make this mistake. Most of the people who begin working with new exercise program with consistency often see quick results in form of improvement in their mood swing, sleep and energy levels within 2-3 weeks.

As far as the changes in body is concerned, it might take a little more time before it can be clearly noticed but in most of the cases, it depends upon your passion, hard work, dedication and consistency and if you have them all, there are greater chances that you can see results earlier.