5 Best Exercises for Abs

Everyone wants to stay fit and healthy. But for that, we have to maintain a routine, which could be challenging. If you are not a gym person, it could be even difficult to take time for yourself. Keeping in mind the people’s busier routines, many exercising machines can be used to achieve those body goals you have been dreaming up. Just like we have Push Up Machine, which is specially designed to build the perfect chest. If we talk about the abs lovers, then who doesn’t adore six-packs? While not everyone is lucky to have them without struggling in the gym or working towards it with a hard-core exercise routine. 

We are here with five of the best exercises that one can easily do at home or at the office. All you need is a yoga mat. A diet is suggested along with the exercise, which has 30% protein, 40% carbohydrates, and 30% fats for getting those die-hard perfect looking abs. If you follow the diet and these five best exercises, you can get the desired results. All you need is patience, struggle, and devotion.

When we talk about six-pack abs, many individuals concentrate on doing ab exercise, whereas if you do simple crunches and ignore your back muscles, it could imbalance the spine out of its alignment and cause injuries.

Tip for crunches lover: If you wish to do crunches, do it with a back extension to maintain the balance.

Five best exercises

One number one, we have the Planks; all of you are aware of the Plank, the exercise looks simple, but it is not that easy. But to achieve something, you have to work for it. SO all you have to do is get a yoga mat and lie on it with your belly down. Now slowly put your feet up on your toes and put your arms down to rest on the elbows. Your elbows should be straight down to the shoulder. Your entire body should be aligned, and your head should be straight with your spine. Now it’s time for a regular breathing pattern; all you have to do is inhale then exhale. This might be difficult for starters, but keep on doing it and initiate for 30 seconds plank hold and eventually increase time to two minutes. 

#2- Side Planks

If you have become an expert with the simple planks, it is time to add one more exercise to get those hot and appealing six-pack abs. It’s time to do side planks; how to do it? All you have to do is lie on one of your sides then put your elbow under the shoulder. If you find this a little tacky, then you can also put your palms down and up on your forearms. Now lift up your hip from the ground. A diagonal straight line should be aligned with your shoulder, knees, ankles, and hips. And the head would go with the spine. Now maintain a normal breathing pattern while doing the exercise and balance the position to do the side planks. For starters, this could be difficult; even the micro-mini seconds you do would count. Once you have mastered one side, you could switch to the next side for the same side planks.

#3 Hollow Rock

This is our exercise number three to ensure you get those six-pack abs. This exercise could be done outdoors in a natural environment. All you need is your yoga mat. When you are all settled to do it, simply sit straight down on the mat and put your legs straight. Now slowly lie on your back by lifting your legs and hands in front. Now your feet should rise above slowly with your hands moving upwards; in the starting, you might experience lifting them a few inches up, but gradually, you will lift them 6-8 inches higher. Do repetitions of the same posture and increase time slowly. 

#4 The Russian Twists

Many hard-core exercisers recognize this exercise. It is called a Russian twist; it helps a lot in reaching your goals for those hot looking abs. Simply sit on your side bones, having your torso aligned at 45-degree angles. Your knees should be bent at the same degree angle as your hips. You might need to use a med ball or a weighted object to tap the surface, which would be close to your hip side, and with its support, you lift and tap towards the other side. In this exercise, your hip, trunk, and legs should stay rigid throughout the entire workout. Inhale while tapping the ground and exhale when you lift 

The last magical exercise which you need to add to your routine.

#5 Sit-Ups

The last exercise which you could add to your routine is the sit-ups. Lie down on your back with your one side knees bent and with your feet’s on the floor. Then move your arms up and inhale. When it’s time to exhale, simply lift your trunk up and reach towards your feet with the hands’ help. As soon as the shoulder goes over your hips, inhale and go to the initiating position.

These five exercises are known to be the best for having those perfect abs. You could initiate with a simple plank and later on add the remaining four exercises on your list. We wish you the best of luck with those eye-grabbing abs.