5 Crazy Mindset Hacks to Help You Build Muscle!

Are you sick of looking skinny and weak?  Have you been hitting the gym and eating a lot, but still can’t seem to build the kind of muscle you want?  If that’s the case, then perhaps the issue doesn’t lie in your knowledge or the type of lifting you’re doing at the gym.  

I know that this might seem pretty crazy to a lot of you, but I believe the issue for a lot of people is their mindset.  All our success habits can be derived from the thoughts that go through our heads. If we don’t program our minds with the correct thoughts, the correct actions will not follow.  

You can drink all the protein shakes you want.  You can go to the gym 7 days per week. You can continue trying all the hot new lifting techniques.  You may do all the necessary tactics it takes to build muscle, but you will not sustain those habits unless you have the correct mindset.  Below are 5 crazy mindset hacks that will help you build muscle.

muscle building

1. Pray

I know that this suggestion is a turn-off for many people, but there is unbelievable power in prayer.  Contrary to what many may think, you do not need to be super religious to pray. You can pray to the universe.  You can pray to the earth. You can even pray to yourself.

Praying can potentially be viewed as a form of meditation.  It takes you out of the material world and enables you to really hone in on your thoughts.  It forces you to speak your desires out loud and hear yourself express your internal thoughts.  

For some of you, praying may come easy.  For some of you, praying may seem super awkward at first.  Even if it feels a bit awkward, I recommend giving it a shot.  Set a time to pray each day. You can pray in the morning, during lunch, before you go to bed, or whenever you feel most comfortable.  

Pray for yourself and ask for your nutrition, workouts, and body to be blessed.  Try to be as specific as possible. If you want bigger biceps, ask for bigger biceps.  If you want bigger legs, ask for bigger legs. Also, use prayer time to express your gratitude for everything you’ve been blessed with.  It’ll make you feel better, especially on some of your worst days.

2.Print off pictures of bodybuilders and fitness models

The power of visualization is incredibly powerful and one of the most underutilized methods for accomplishing one’s goal.  If you want to look, feel, and eventually become bigger and stronger, it helps to constantly visualize the result you want.  

Pictures have a profound way of stimulating our mind and eliciting an emotion out of us.  I’d recommend printing off pictures of bodybuilders, fitness models, or even celebrities, who embody the image that you’re striving to achieve.  

Put those pictures in spaces that you frequently occupy.  Hang them up on the walls of your bedroom. Tape them to the mirror in your bathroom.  Keep them on your passenger car seat. The pictures will serve as a constant reminder of what you’re fighting so hard to achieve and act as a catalyst to take the necessary action to accomplish your goals.  

3. Take pictures of yourself each week

I’m not talking about taking pictures of yourself for Snapchat or taking goofy selfies to put on your Instagram.  I’m referring to taking real, unfiltered pictures of your body.

I know many people have mixed feeling about taking pictures.  Sometimes taking pictures can even becoming discouraging especially if you’re not seeing much progress.  If utilized correctly, however, taking pictures of yourself on a regular basis could be a significant boost of motivation and help drive further momentum.  

I’d recommend taking a picture of yourself on the same day every week, right after you wake up in the morning.  This will eliminate variables related to your diet and exercise for that day. This will also be a great way to track your weekly progress.  

You will likely see very little change in your body after 1 or 2 weeks.  Over time, however, you will start to see a change. You will also have periods when your body’s appearance does not seem to be progressing.  Do not let those periods devastate your mindset. Harness those periods of stagnation and frustration to push yourself even harder and make even better health choices the following week.

4. Look at yourself

This recommendation is an extension of hack #3.  Although taking pictures of yourself is a great way to track your progress and fuel your motivation, it does little good if you do not take the time to look at those pictures.  

Be sure to take some time to look at the pictures you take of yourself.  In addition, whenever you have a chance, take a good look at yourself in the bathroom mirror.  Take your shirt off and analyze your body a bit. Look at how much, or little, your body has changed since you started your journey.  

If your body has made little to no progress, this can further fuel your desire to change.  Sometimes we have to look at ourselves frequently enough in order to remind ourselves of what we’re striving for.  If you look at a lackluster image of yourself enough times, you’ll eventually push yourself to change that image into something extraordinary.

5. Watch motivational movies

Last, but certainly not least, I’d recommend watching motivational movies.  I understand that it may seem corny, but one of the best ways to become inspired is through stories.  Movies are one of the best forms of storytelling.

Watching a motivational movie trains our minds to believe that we can overcome adversity.  Every single movie presents a character who must overcome some obstacle. By the end of the movie, the character overcomes the obstacle and is showered in the victory.  When we observe someone overcoming adversity, a part of us envisions ourself in that person’s shoes. We see ourselves being victimized by some challenge and then eventually winning that battle.  

The more we can expose ourselves to inspirational storytelling, the more we start to believe in our ability to overcome anything in our personal lives, including fitness goals.  I’d recommend setting a day and time each week to watch a movie that motivates you. There is an endless number of great movies out there like Rocky, Rudy, Miracle, Good Will Hunting, The Pursuit of Happiness, Jerry Maguire, The Blind Side, and so many more.  

If you take advantage of just 1 or 2 of those 5 crazy mindset hacks, you will get results.  Building muscles and getting the body of your dreams is not just about lifting weights or eating chicken breast mindlessly.  You must develop the right mindset.

If your mind is not actively engaged in the pursuit of your fitness dreams, it’s only a matter of time before you stop dieting and hitting the gym.  If you train your mind for success, you will eventually take the proper level of action and become a success.