5 exercises to pack on some serious muscle mass

If you’re looking to pack on some serious muscle then look no further than here! Building muscle is a careful combination of lifting big and eating big, ensuring you have the right amount of food to fuel your marathon workout sessions to get you looking lean and ripped. Very few who stick to a workout plan actually get the results they are looking for from it, mainly due to either losing motivation, losing interest, not eating right or not lifting right. We’re going to take away one of these causes for not getting the results you want and give you 5 exercises that, if done over time and with the right weight and intensity and combined with a good diet, will add some serious muscle mass in no time at all. These 5 exercises aren’t easy and you’ll have to push, but nothing in life ever came easy so chalk up, strap up, carb up and get ready to lift big!

The squat

We’ve worked the upper body, time to work the lower body! The squat is the exercise to get you bursting out of those jeans with your massive thighs and the move to develop for a strong back and rock hard glutes! Invest in a squat rack and either perform the exercise with dumbbells or, if you’re feeling brave, a barbell to really skyrocket your workout and give your body a shock. Again, this is a big compound movement meaning you’re working a number of different muscle groups at once and increasing your metabolic rate. This means that after the workout has finished and you’re relaxing at home, you can still be burning fat! Pretty cool right?! Invest in a squat rack and see some perfect muscle gains in no time.

The bench press

Everyone has heard of the bench press right? It is arguably the ultimate upper body builder, working the chest, shoulders, biceps and core in one big compound movement. It isn’t an easy exercise, and works many stabilizer muscles as well, but who wants easy right? This exercise, if done correctly, will push your upper body to the limit on endurance, pack on some serious muscle and strip fat through increasing your metabolic rate. A 3 in 1 move deal! There are so many variations for the bench press as well you will never tire of it. Try increasing the weight, try a close grip variation. Try adjusting the angle of the bench to work your upper chest and lower chest. Lots of possibilities for such a fantastic exercise and one that you should definitely put into your workout arsenal to increase your muscle mass and burn some fat!

The deadlift

Again, this big compound movement works every muscle from the hamstrings to the forearms in one massive lift! Perfect for developing size on both the top half as well as the bottom this exercise isn’t for the faint hearted but will see some serious increases fast! Great at stripping fat by employing more than one muscle group, this exercise is the one we personally like to perform last thing in our workout when we are already tired! It’s a great exercise to end on and can be really satisfying when you increase that one rep max and lift more than you’ve ever lifted before! Give it a go in your workout but make sure, as with all lifts and exercises, your form is good and you build the weight up gradually.

The pullup

Want to build a strong back, wide shoulders and narrow waist? Sure you do! Why not give the pullup a go then. Super simple to perform, this move requires no weight to begin with; just your own body weight so no excuses! There is a whole world of variations on the classic pullup and one YouTube search of calisthenics pull up will give you some idea of the crazy moves which can be performed once you’ve mastered the basic pull up. Great for increasing strength and decreasing fat as well as building muscle, we definitely recommend placing this into your workout routine as although it’s super simple, it’s also super effective!


If you’re looking to build muscle, chances are you want to fill out that t-shirt you’re wearing and the tricep dip can be a perfect exercise just for this. Again, relying on just your own body weight to start with, the dip is easy to perform, but a super effective exercise in building up your triceps and generally increasing the size of your arm! Finding them a little easy? Try holding a dumbbell between your feet as you perform the dips in order to increase the resistance and further build muscle!


The 5 exercises above are the very basics for a good workout program, combining big compound lifts with body weight exercises that are easy to perform and modify so you don’t get bored. Write a workout program consisting of all of these exercises and you’re halfway there to having a decent workout plan which can be followed and tracked by progress. The other half comes in the form of your diet where you should be eating plenty of lean meat, fruits, vegetables and even investing in supplements such as Creatine for an added boost. We’re confident that if you involve these 5 workouts in your program and eat a sensible diet, you’ll see some big differences in no time at all!