5 Fitness Habits You Need to Establish in Your 20s

Let’s face it – time and tide waits for no one. Life today is like one busy highway, with all the coming and goings and activities and events that happen like vehicles on the highway. Right from the time we are born, Nature acts upon our skin, hair and face to age it in different ways. For these reasons, it helps if you adopt a healthy and fit lifestyle early in life, even during your teens. The reason: you tend to keep healthy for a longer time. Here are some habits, agreed by experts to keep you healthy in the future.

1) Fall in Love with Strength Training

This is the one habit that made it to the top of the list, so it must have some meaning. No matter what you are doing, keep doing it as strength training was found to be beneficial to the bones, muscles etc. It boosts metabolism, increases lean muscle mass, burns off unwanted calories, eases back pain, helps you sleep and even prevents the onset of diabetes.

2) Drink More Water

It is an established fact that drinking water not only fills you up but also aids in weight loss maintenance. The proverbial 8 glasses a day is sometimes too much to drink, but certainly will help in the hot summer months. What is excess is conveniently drained out of the body via the sweat glands as well as going to the loo. Anyway we should take care of the quality of water we drink as well as the quality.

3) Vary it a bit

Too much consistency can be boring for some. So it’s always wise to vary your exercise routine to include running, jogging, treadmill, skipping and similar activities in and outside the gym. You will look forward to the day’s new activities with enthusiasm. Similarly most diet plans fail because they are so rigid they leave us with no choice but to comply. Varying your activities is helpful because it makes you happier, more adventurous and enthusiastic at the beginning of each workout. Your muscles and bones also get fit and stretched in different ways.

4) Incorporate a Rest Day

Strictly speaking, muscle and body growth occur when a person is at rest after a period or interval of weight training. If you work out every day without a break, you are definitely not doing your body a favor as it will tire your muscles and brain leading to burnout. Recovery and refueling of the body’s cells are as important as building them up.

5) Embrace the proper form

Learning to exercise properly is one of the most important things that you can do. This is because if we pick up the wrong methods we will tend to stick with them and once it becomes unconsciously locked within our brains it will be hard to break the habit. Experts therefore insist on the correct form first, then encourage speed or repetitions in our efforts. Always use the services of an experienced and mature trainer.