5 Key Strategies to Intensify Bench Press

The bench press is a customary exercise for power lifting developed exclusively for weight training and bodybuilding. This particular workout is used to increase and strengthen muscle group found in your chest region such as pectoralis which is also accompanied by other muscles in your arms. The bench presses are normally performed with dumbbells, barbells or with Smith machine.

The Extent of Bench Press

The range or the extent of the bench press performed by various people might be varied from person to person as it may have advantages as well as disadvantages. For instance, someone with taller height might get the disadvantage of these exclusive exercises while on the other hand someone with short height may have the benefit of utilizing longer distance from the bar.

Likewise, an inexperienced weight lifter may not be able to get maximum benefits with this workout if compared to an experienced weight lifter. This is just the possibility that one may be getting more benefits than the other but the major factor of success is surely your consistency, hardworking and dedication. If you are regularly doing bench presses, this will surely give you greater results no matter what body type you have.

Key Strategies to Intensity Bench Press

If you try to intensify your weight lifting workouts in short period of time, this will be definitely difficult for you and you will find real tough time. However, there are some key strategies which you can utilize to achieve your target.

1) When you are doing bench press workout and you intend to get maximum benefits with it, there is a very simple rule which you must follow to get succeeded and that is to twig to basics of bench press workout. Following basic rules will greatly help you maximize your muscles and strength building objective.

2) The second important rule is to utilize the light as well as heavy phases of your workout. Don’t ignore anyone of them and give time to each phase at a time and in your personal pace.


  • When you are doing light phase, you need to evaluate your strength level. The best thing about this particular phase is that you don’t necessarily have to have an extraordinary intensity but you can simply enhance stamina.
  • On contrary, in the other phase, you need to increase press to maximize strength and then you will be seeing how stronger you are getting.

3) The third rule is all about taking rest which is essential as this activity will help your muscles get relaxed and recover, repair and build. Therefore, this rule cannot be ignored and you must take rest intervals. You can also set a simple rule to take rest for which you can work every alternative day which means do your workouts one day and take rest the other day.

4) When you are trying to intensify your BP workouts and building triceps, the elbow extension is a major part of your activity and don’t forget to keep your shoulder blades in a maintained and tighten position.

5) Also keep in mind that everyone who is doing bench press may not be able to get as satisfactory results as the other are getting.