5 Killer Muscle Building Tips For Over 40

Finally, you have touched the 40 year of your age and your youthful life has come to a turning point. Unfortunately, you are not as healthy and fit as you were in your young age. Your impressive body shape has started losing its charm and the women no longer feel attraction in you. Now you feel weak and a little disappointed; yet having a dream to regain the shape and muscles you had in the past.

Is it Possible for You to Get Back the Lost Muscles Again?

fit over 40

If you still dream to have your youthful muscles in the age of 40, you can get it but there is a big problem with your workout plan as it is for the days which have gone away. Thought, the problem is big, can be solved by bringing a complete change in your way to build muscles. Here is the solution that will change your life completely and will help you get a completely different body shape. Follow these 5 killer muscle building tips over 40:

Let Your Body Warm Up

In this age, you are more prone to get injuries because of your weak body structure. Since, you have to be very careful while you are training your muscles. In the very beginning of your training, let your body warm up as this will improve the flow of blood and your muscles will be prepared for training.

Free Weight Exercises V/S Machines

In your young age, you could do lots of free weight exercise and that was surely the best way to maximize the muscle mass but now the things are changed and you will have to accept the fact that pretending like a young muscular guy, can put you in a great danger, your bones and muscles might get damaged. Thought, machines are not very helpful in gaining muscles, it is surely the safer and better option for someone like you. You can also have a combination of machines and free weights exercises.

Low Intensity Cardio

Low Intensity Cardio is an integral part of your plan because of many important factors. It helps you keep body fat under control and improves the performance of your metabolism. Cardio also helps you to keep your heart healthy and strong. You can simply have jogging or walking every alternative day for 20 minutes.

High Intensity Cardio

Avoid high intensity Cardio such as running which is not good for you in this age as your joints are not as strong as they were. However, if you were used to running few years back and had to quit because of some unavoidable reason, you can resume running session with low intensity level. Gradually increase your time and distance of running.

Cut Down the Amount of Nutrition

Gone are the days when you needed to consume a huge amount of nutrition and protein to gain fat and muscles. Now you don’t need to eat lots of nutritious meals because gaining weight might create a number of health problems for you and you must avoid these problems. Consume as much nutrition as your metabolism can easy digest and burn.