5 Mesmerizing Characteristics of Hollywood Look

Hollywood Look is a term now widely used to define attractive body physique and off course, it has been highly influenced and imposed by the media. Now it does not matter how right it is because there are various actors and actress in Hollywood who don’t really have sexy and attractive bodies but people love to look like their favorite singers, athletes, actors and actresses for which they really struggle. There are some key aspects which will help you understand where you need to pay more focus while following a training program to get really Hollywood Physique:

1 – Low Body Fat

The greatest aspect of Hollywood Look is considered to be low body fat and surely this is the most difficult, hardest but most important aspect. You must maintain low percentage of body fat throughout the year and it is necessary. In Hollywood, you see most of the male actors maintain their look by keeping fat less than 10%. However, in most of the cases, it also depends upon the genetics and they have to follow a strict and specific dieting plan along with the frequent cardio throughout the year to keep themselves lean.

2 – Arms

Another necessary aspect is bigger arms and most male begin working with their arms only because of the reasons that they look good with bigger and stronger arms. Remember that you must not ignore any of the biceps or triceps but try to develop both of them at the same time. You can select a specific day to work with your arms in a week.

3 – Upper Chest

While you are struggling to get a Hollywood Look, make sure to work correctly with your chest. If you don’t have a proper plan to follow, you will fail to develop your loser chest correctly which might also lead you to overdevelop it and if it happens, you will get real challenge to make it correct. In some cases, it might even take years to make correction with your lower chest portion. Therefore, you must not follow your plan blindly but have proper understating of what you are doing.

4 – Shoulders

The width of shoulder is usually depends upon the genetics and the bone structure but it does not mean that you can’t go from pear shape to V shape. You can still do it by burning body fat, adding more muscles to shoulders and widening lats. If you pay attention on pull ups, lateral raises and lat pull downs, you can make these exercise work for you to get a V-Shape shoulder. But again keep in mind that you should not do overtraining as to widen shoulder cannot give you an attractive look

5 – ABS

Thought, overall body of Hollywood Stars seem to be attractive as they work with each body area to give it a source of attractive but ABS is something that is considered to be the most glorified area of their body. In the end of each of your workout, you should spend some time to work with your abs which means spending 30 minutes or even less in doing bodyweight as well as resistance exercises will provide you with real results.