5 Mistakes that Make Your Acne Worse

Everyone wants clear and flawless skin, without any exception. Unfortunately, we can’t always have it. Many things can take a toll on our skin health. These skin health challenges are pretty common yet as different as individuals themselves are.

Acne- Skin Health Enemy

Acne is one of the most common skin health problems. From early teenage to older age, people experience this trouble and can have many possible reasons behind it. It takes in many factors; including your dietary practices to the hormonal balance in your body, all these things define the type and severity of acne breakout.

Acne breakouts can vary from person to person and can look quite different. No matter how your acne appears, you always wanted to get rid of it. Acne, being one of the common skin health challenges can be hard to bear.

According to the best skin specialist in Lahore, acne is one of the most common skin health problems and the sufferers belong from every age with different severity and appearance. Acne comes naturally but does know that breakout of acne is not that difficult to control.

Mistakes that Worsen your Acne

From minor changes in your skincare routine to alterations in your dietary choices, everything creates a difference. Alongside these precautions and treatment, many habits can spoil your acne breakout and make it even worse. In case you are wondering what these acne mistakes are, I’m listing these down for your convenience.

1- Wrong skincare products

Choice of skincare products is critically important whenever it comes to your skin health. If you are visiting any cosmetic corner for the choice of skincare products, you can surely relate to the fact that there are hundreds of options that can leave anyone confused and wondering.

It can be really hard for someone to choose products without having a piece of prior knowledge. There are products specially designed for acne-prone skin that contain compounds that deter acne breakout. So, if you choose inappropriate products it can be one of the important factors that can worsen your acne. Thus, it is important to seek out recommendations from dermatologists to choose the products best suited to your skin.

2- Not washing your face frequently

Whenever it comes to the causes of acne, the presence of excessive facial oils is considerable. Face oils secretion vary from person to person and as per general observation people with acne-prone skin have excessive oil secretion and accumulation.

One of the easiest ways to get rid of face oils is by frequently washing your face. So, if you are suffering from acne and don’t wash your face, again and again, it can be one fine reason that your acne isn’t getting better.

3- Using harsh products

Your skin is delicate and should be treated gently. Many people find it tempting to use harsh skin care products or use harsh cleaning procedures for your skin. A wild exfoliating action can surely damage your skin leaving the pores open where bacteria can accumulate resulting in acne breakouts. 

So, whenever you feel like harsh exfoliating or using such products, don’t do it, just don’t do it because it can be a reason for your acne breakout.

4- Popping your pimples

Depending upon acne grade, pimples can vary in appearance and nature. Anyone canfind it tempting to pop out the pimples but do you know that this can be damaging your skin and causing your acne breakout to spread further. 

When you squeeze a pimple, the content of the pimple can spread to the other areas of your facial skin spreading acne-causing germs. This practice can be spreading your acne so, it is better to not squeeze your pimples.

5- Using non-facial products inappropriately

Just like your skin, we tend to use many different products to ensure a good appearance. Whether it’s your hair spray or other products like conditioner or shampoo, be mindful that these can clog your skin pores worsening your acne.

Bottom Line!

 Acne is one of the most common skin health problems that can be hard to bear. Irrespective of age and skin, people can suffer from acne. However, it is really easy to control an acne breakout by minor routine changes as well as avoiding the mistakes that can worsen your acne.

Make sure you are following standard practices and keeping a check on your skin health. However, if nothing seems to work and you observe any change in your acne spread and severity it is advisable to seek out help from a dermatologist to avoid any further damage to your skin.