5 Mistakes You often Make at Gym

There are some mistakes which people make at the gym because of not knowing about them but these mistakes sometimes snatched them back from what you have already achieved. These also prevent them to improve their workouts to get even better. Though these are simple habits but can even kill the effectiveness of your workouts.

1 – Not Playing Your Favorite Music

When you go to the gym, make sure to take your best jams with you. This will not just help you focus on your exercises but will also stop you disturbing others. If you have good friends at the gym, you will love to talk to them all the times but the best you could do while working out is to list your favorite music.

This is not just about focusing but music is actually considered to be a great motivator, especially when you are lifting weight, a particular song can fire you up and you will perform much better. You can make a list of your favorite songs to play during workouts.

2 – Not Trying Something New

Most of the people prefer to do what they can do better but if they just work with a certain body part and ignore the rest, this will be a great mistake and they must avoid it. If you are working with your legs, don’t stick with one or two exercises, try something different as there are a number of ways to work with leg or other body areas.

It is always a good move to try something new and it can become a real challenge for you which will encourage you to do better than what you do. Some of you might not like to start from the very beginning but if you do, it will help you mastering new ways.

3 – Workout with No Plan

What exercises are you going to perform this week? What will you do between two sets? What exercises will be your first choice? How much weight will you load this week? What exercises are you going to replace with the new ones? How much progress have you made yet? These are some of the questions which must be answered before you begin your workouts.

If you do everything without proper plan and don’t even know what to do next, you are making a big mistake. Therefore, you must know your plan the next time you go to the gym. If you are really serious about getting positive results, you better write everything on a piece of paper.

4 – Bring Your Cell Phone with You

If you don’t leave your cell phone in your car and bring it with you inside the gym, you probably not going to pay attention to your workout as texts, Twitter, Facebook, emails etc have get you involved in different activities and you can’t focus on one thing at a time. Therefore, you should always leave your cell phone at your home or in the car while approaching the gym.

5 – Focusing on Minor Muscles

You should not focus on minor muscle groups and if you are using 4-5 different exercises a day just to train single muscle such as your arms, it might not be suggested. Instead you should focus on major muscle groups.