5 Most Common Muscle Building Mistakes

The Basic purpose of this piece of writing is to help those who are completely failed to achieve their desired body physique even after having spent many years at the gym.

Mistake 1 – Modifying Abdominal Area

You might have seen many bodybuilders spending many hours at the gym working with their physique. But what they do wrong is just to focus a specific part of their body such as abdominal area, which is one of the most common muscles building mistakes as doing too much of exercises to modify a certain part, cant help you burn the fatty assets in other areas. Since, the experts advise if you are working with abdominal exercises, you should not spend more than two hours and the bigger part of your time should be spent in training whole body. The squats, deadlifts, presses, rows, dips are the ideal which will help you burn more calories even after you have finished exercises because of improved metabolic rate.

Mistake 2 – Building Biceps & Pecs

The majority of those, who are struggling to transform their bodies into lean and sexy ones just to attract women, try to build biceps & pecs because these two are the most exposable parts of a male body and surly the women get allured with them. If you are also working hard for the same purpose, there is nothing wrong as this is your birth right to look like you want. However, you are really making another great mistake, when you don’t understand how important it is to train whole of your body rather than focusing just biceps and pecs and if you are doing so, you must concentrate on your back and legs. The experts suggest that the squats and deadlifts are the two effective exercises that rise the testosterone levels up to the point where your whole body systems comes into proper functioning.

Mistake 3 – Excluding Fat from the Diet

This is a common misconception among the people that the only factor that causes you become fat is fat itself and the only solution to avoid this condition is not to eat fat and other carbs. This practice deprives them of gaining the health benefits of carbs and good fat. Since, low fat and carbs both should be the part of your diet at a normal level. You should also avoid sugar intake as much as possible and should not even have the drinks contain sugar which is a real hindrance in your way to lose weight.

Mistake 4 – Be Over-Confident

If you are a beginner, you must avoid lifting the weight more than you can handle. After a few weeks of training, you might start thinking to increase the size of weight as you feel more confident but increasing the size without the permission form your expert trainer, sometimes can cause you great injuries. Therefore, it is good to be confident but it is too bad to be over confident.

Mistake 5 – Go For Advanced Exercises

Beginners don’t usually have the proper training knowledge and they perform the exercises according to their level. Surly, this is not their fault as they learn with the passage of time. Sometimes, these beginners get motivated to go for advanced exercises, when they look at the impressive physiques of their seniors which is surly a great mistake because you must go step by step and if you try to climb the ladder in a long jump, there are huge chances of your failure.


The muscle building mistakes mentioned in this article are some of the common ones and the majority of struggling muscles builders makes them everyday in almost every training center. If you try to understand these misconceptions, you can perform much better during your training sessions in future.