5 Muscle Building Myths

Myth # 1: Long Workouts for Long Lasting Results

The more you do, the more you can get. That’s right in most of the life’s matters but when it is about physical fitness and muscle building exercises, this rule might get you negative results rather than positive. The studies show that the short muscle training sessions usually provide better results than the long ones. Along with exercises, each of your body part (expect leg and back muscles which require 4 days rest) also need complete rest for at least two days between two training sessions.

Myth # 2: Heavier Weight can Produce Amazing Results

Another Muscle Building Myth is that people think if they lift heavy, they will get much better results than lifting the lighter weight. This is good if you use both the strategies which means sometime you lift heavy weight and sometime lighter weights but if you are stick with just lifting heavy weights all the times, this will not be good for you as your body really needs proper time for rest which enables it to repair damaged tissues. But if you don’t let it rest and keep lifting heavy weight every time you go to perform your workouts, you will not get improvement in your muscle mass. Another important thing to remember is that changing of your training plan will always help you get bigger muscles.

Myth # 3: Don’t Change Your Strategy and Keep Doing What You are Doing

There is no doubt that the intense workouts can be quite good for building muscle mass. However, you must not neglect the other fact that human body ultimately get habitual of the same workout plan, if you keep doing it for a long time. Researches show that in the beginning every new workout helps the body increase muscle size and it is really effective to keep changing the exercises.

Myth # 4: Spend 1-2 Weeks in the Gym and Become What You Dream for

When you join a gym to build muscles, don’t ever think that you can become a great muscle builder within 1 or 2 weeks as it does not normally happen because you have to increase your muscles both in size and strength which surely takes some time. Muscle building depends upon lots of fact and figures such as your genetics, hormones, nutrition, exercise and diet plans. You really need to wait to see the results.

Myth # 5: Once You Give Up Weight Lifting, You Will Become Fat

This is one of the most common muscle building myths that once you have started training for building muscles, you cannot quit or you will soon become a fat man. But the fact is that fat & Muscles are two different groups of body tissues and muscle cannot be converted into fat. However, after you have given up training your muscles, you will have to be little more conscious about your diet and if you don’t take proper diet, it might cause you look flabby.