5 Nutritional Tricks to Control Your Muscle-To-Fat Ratio

Nearly every body builder or fitness expert will tell you, seeking to achieve a certain fat to muscle ratio can be one of the heaviest challenges to have. It’s like pointing at a moving target and having to shoot on the run. Yet there are some comparatively simple nutritional tips which if followed carefully and religiously will allow you to approach a good, healthy and maintainable proportion of fat to muscle mass in your body. It will make you the envy of many and friend of others, so pay attention and follow these tips.

1) Regulate your Protein Intake

It is a well-established fact among nutritional experts that a good high quality protein diet is responsible for building muscle mass. The amino acid contained in protein dominated foods has this effect on the human body. Good sources of protein would include fatty fish like salmon and trout, eggs, milk products like cheese, yogurt and soy milk, and meat products like bison, chicken, lean beef, turkey etc. Whey protein is another source body builders love to use.

2) Include Veggies with Every Meal

For those who don’t like greens, I have some news for you. Learn to like veggies because not only are they packed with beneficial ingredients for you, but they also help control weight as they are low in caloric content. Especially consuming green leafy vegetables is good for you. Veggies like beans, avocados, broccoli, asparagus, kale and spinach have good nutritional value and are also full of antioxidants, minerals and vitamins that can benefit your system.

3) Allow one Cheat Meal a Day

As everybody knows, sticking to a diet can be a real drag because we are generally kept away from the foods we love. This tip turns the whole process around and for a very good reason, because it helps ensure that most people keep on their diet or maintain their desirable eating habits for the long term, thereby achieving their weight goals as well as getting to the shape they so long desire. By making an allowance for one cheat meal a day, the body and mind relaxes and rejoices so that hormonal levels remain balanced and the restrictive effect of dieting is reduced. Just don’t go overboard and undo all the good work.

4) Use the correct mix of Carbohydrates

When it comes to carbohydrates, most body fitness experts shy away from overindulging. Yet we cannot afford to completely do away with them, since they also form the building blocks of muscles and nerve centers and tendons, which we term as triceps and biceps for example. Caution is exercised and control maintained by the timing and amount of carbohydrates consumed at each meal. Using carbohydrates one hour before a workout, one hour after a workout and three hours after a workout helps to build and replenish muscle fibers and tendons that have been tired out through exercise and training.

5) Make good use of Fish Oils

Finally, the use of fish oils like those produced from tuna, sardines, salmon, trout and the like can have a beneficial effect. It has been shown to reduce both inflammation and insulin sensitivity.