5 Reasons EVERY Guy Should Build Muscle

What is up my friends! In this post I am going to give you 5 reasons why every guy should build muscle.

Building muscle and getting jacked obviously has a ton of advantages.

The reason I am so passionate about fitness is because it literally improves your life in every single way.

If you are a guy who is struggling for any reason right now you need to get in the gym and build your body. PERIOD!

Building up your body gives you momentum in so many different ways. There is a reason a huge percentage of successful people start their day with a workout.

How different would your life look if you had the body you wanted?

Tackling the obstacle of becoming fit holds SO MANY people back who have great potential to improve themselves.

Not convinced? Keep reading and I’ll provide you with 5 reasons every guy should build muscle (including you).

1. Building Muscle Builds Confidence

This should go without saying but building muscle will build up your confidence. I feel absolutely fantastic when I look in the mirror each morning and see a body of work.

How you feel about yourself will directly impact your confidence. Your thoughts and actions will automatically translate into reality what you believe you deserve.

Self Talk:

If someone looks in the mirror and says “I’m so upset with how I look. How did I let my body get to this point? It’s going to be an uphill battle today. I’m too far gone… I might as well not care about my appearance anymore.”

Compared to looking in the mirror and thinking “Damn I am starting to look GOOD! I didn’t know that I could improve my overall appearance this much. I’m ready to go out and conquer because I know that I am ultimately the one who determines my success. No one can stop me from achieving what I want.”

Do you see the difference? I cannot emphasize enough how much this will improve your quality of life. Start to ask yourself honest questions.

Imagine if you built the confidence to talk to ANY cute girl that you saw?

Imagine if you built the confidence to go after that job you always wanted?

What if you built enough confidence to start a website or your own business?

What if you EXPECTED for things to work out in your favor?

I’m not here to try and sell you some BS success program.

What I am telling you is that self-respect and confidence can MASSIVELY change the trajectory of your situation. Your self esteem will impact your confidence. This all starts with building a strong and fit body that you are proud of.

Don’t let being out of shape hold you back! This is a major highlighted point for the 5 reasons every guy should build muscle. It starts with you my friend… so look to win the war against yourself.

2. Building Muscle Will Give You An Edge In Your Career

Being physically fit will 1 million % give you an advantage in your career. Regardless if it sounds superficial, looking good will make an impact on people you interact with.


This is especially true if you are in sales. I wish we could erase the negative connotation associated with the term “salesman” but that is a conversation for a different post.

It may be conscious or subconscious, but your customers will be more inclined to do business with someone who has their shit together.

I’ve been doing sales for almost 5 years now. Selling yourself FIRST is an absolute critical part of being a succesful salesperson. There have been studies that show you only have 7 seconds to make a first impression on a customer.

People want to do business with people they like and respect. To be fair, making a first impression does go beyond your physical appearance.

However, like I mentioned above becoming physically fit will automatically improve your confidence and ambition. These thoughts of certainty will subconsciously be communicated to whoever you talk to.

But Drew what if I’m not in sales or business? Great question!

Say you are an engineer who is great at your job. You are looking to manage the facility you work in. They are choosing between you and one other guy… both of you are equally as qualified. Say you look fit, jacked, and clean cut. The other guy looks sluggish and tired all of the time. Who do you think will get the promotion? YOU!

I’m not trying to discourage you if you are someone who isn’t in great shape right now. I’m doing it to ENCOURAGE you to take pride in your appearance and get ahead in your career. Whatever that may be!

3. Building Muscle Will Make Girls More Attracted to You

Yep…. it here it comes lol. I had to include this section in the 5 reasons every guy should build muscle. To be fair, I’ve seen plenty of guys pull attractive girls who aren’t good looking or jacked themselves.

BUT…. if you are jacked it will stack things in your favor. I can speak from experience on this. When you build a great body girls will check you out all the time.

I used to never get looked at by girls but now it happens almost everyday.

It also gives you a HUGE advantage if you like to go out to the bars and socialize. Girls will literally look at you and give you clear indication that they want you to go talk to them.

Even if they are unaware of it, girls will look for athletically built guys to start a family with. Why do you think this is?

It’s pretty obvious. They will want to have kids with a guy that shows signs of good genetics. Just like how you would want to have kids with a woman that’s physically attractive as well.

Now looks certainly aren’t everything when a girl is deciding if she is attracted to you. In fact it’s actually a small part of the equation in the grand scheme of things. But it will put you in a good position starting off.

Combine this with good style and watch what happens.

4. Building Muscle Will Make You A Better Athlete 

If you are like me you love sports. Growing up I was very good at basketball, baseball, and golf. As I got into my 20s, I’ve noticed building muscle will 100% improve your athletic ability.

I don’t really play pickup basketball as much as I would like but it certainly helps with hooping.

One sport I wanted to highlight though is golf. It seems like when guys become adults they all of the sudden want to start golfing. I’ve been golfing my entire life so I have a massive advantage here over my other friends.

As I started to build muscle and get stronger I noticed my golf game improved drastically. There are a lot of different reasons my handicap is now a 3. But improving strength was a huge part of that.

The average golfer is horrible hitting driver off the tee. A big percentage of guys can hit it like 240-250 at best.

I’ve gotten to the point where I can hit the ball well over 300 yards. Now, improving strength will ONLY help if you have good fundamentals to begin with. 

How much different is hitting a pitching wedge into a par 4 compared to hitting a 6 iron? Huge difference. Hitting great tee shots is the number one way you get better at golf without question.

Work on your swing first. If you are someone who has a good swing already, getting stronger will allow you to start smoking the golf ball off the tee.

5. Building Muscle Will Improve Mental Toughness 

Out of the reasons why every guy should build muscle this one is my favorite. Building a body of art is not something that is going to be easy for most guys.

If I’m being totally honest, most guys will never get to where they want to be. But you my friend are different. You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t motivated to build muscle and become a champ.

Becoming physically fit at a high level has done more for me mentally than physically. You may think “that sounds dumb… I just want to get jacked to look good.”

Trust me I thought the same way when I was starting out. I’m guessing you are a guy with ambitions and dreams (otherwise you wouldn’t be reading this).

Building muscle will give you mental toughness. I’m not here to tell you I’m already some massively succesful person already. Here’s the thing tho… I am going to be. No question in my mind I am going to be ultra successful.

It’s not wrong or unethical to think this way. YOU can develop this confidence in yourself as well!

It starts with building your body and therefore building your mind as well.

Read quality books in conjunction with building muscle and watch what happens in your life.